Planting Under Trees

5.2.2024 - Planting under large trees this spring? Here are 5 tips to make sure you get it right!

Storybook Hydrangea Garden

4.25.2024 - A picturesque hydrangea garden in Idaho. See how it was made and get hydrangea growing tips.

Elements & Principles of Design

4.18.2024 - Learn how elements and principles work in harmony to create stunning and memorable gardens.

Contemporary Cottage Garden

4.11.2024 - See how 2 gardeners transformed their property into a contemporary cottage-style garden.

Growing Rubber Plants

4.4.2024 - With a little TLC, rubber plants can live a long, healthy life in your home.

25 Easy-Care Perennials

3.28.2024 - Grow these low-maintenance perennials for long-lasting color in the landscape.

Raised Bed Gardens

3.21.2024 - How to lay out and build raised beds for growing delicious vegetables at home.

Celebrate Spring!

3.14.2024 - Celebrate the season's arrival with these fun activities, projects, and outings.

How to Fertilize Roses

3.7.2024 - Get the most out of your roses by fertilizing them properly.

Structural Plants

2.29.2024 - Unlock the power of structural plants and design a garden with year-round interest.

Garden Lessons Learned

2.22.2024 - 24 gardeners share lessons they learned this past year in their gardens.

Growing Plants From Seed

2.15.2024 - Get a head start and grow your favorites by starting plants at home.

Growing Forsythia

2.8.2024 - Add this reliable favorite for early spring color.

Bird-Friendly Gardens

2.1.2024 - Create a mecca for birds by filling it with the plants and trees they love.

Small Space Flower Garden

1.25.2024 - Who says you need a ton of space to have a thriving flower garden?

16 Winter Flowers

1.18.2024 - Winter is the time for these arctic beauties to shine.

Garden Planning in Winter

1.11.2024 - Ideas and insights on what to do now for a better garden this spring and summer.

Growing Alocasia Indoors

1.4.2024 - Bring a touch of the tropics to your indoor space with alocasia plants.

Resolutions for Gardeners

12.28.2023 - 40+ inspiring ideas to kick off your gardening year.

Best Indoor Plants

12.14.2023 - Choose the right type of indoor plant for your home or office.

Low-Maintenance Shrubs

12.7.2023 - Grow these 25 carefree shrubs for years of interest in the landscape.

Foliage Over Flowers

11.30.2023 - Harness the power of fantastic foliage in your garden.

Growing Sweetshrub

11.16.2023 - This easy-care native shrub provides long-lasting color and fragrance.

Enhance Your Garden Experience

11.9.2023 - Make the most of the time you spend in your garden with these 6 tips.

Amsonia: A Growing Guide

11.2.2023 - This native perennial is prized for its blue flowers and spectacular fall color.

Clay Soil

10.26.2023 - Working with clay soil to create a healthy growing medium for your plants.

Beneficial Insects

10.19.2023 - Give your garden a hand by attracting these beneficial insects.

What to Plant with Roses

10.12.2023 - Bring out the best in your roses by pairing them with these plants.

9 Tips for a Vibrant Garden

10.5.2023 - Lessons learned after exploring a colorful, thriving Michigan garden.

Fall Flowers

9.28.2023 - 20 annuals and perennials for color, texture, and beauty in your fall garden.

Organic Gardening Basics

9.21.2023 - 10 tips for using natural methods to grow plants in your garden.

Limelight Hydrangeas

9.14.2023 - Add this popular shrub to your yard for spectacular late season color.

Pollinator Garden Design

9.7.2023 - Learn how to grow a welcoming pollinator paradise with these 10 tips.

Edible Flowers

8.31.2023 - Add visual appeal and fresh flavor to your meals with these common flowers.

Panicle Hydrangeas

8.24.2023 - Grow this showy large-flowered shrub for late season color.

Aphids on Roses

8.17.2023 - Protect your roses by controlling and eliminating these common garden pests.

Growing Pentas

8.10.2023 - Brighten up the garden with continuous, show-stopping color.

Create a Peaceful Garden

8.3.2023 - Transform your garden into a serene sanctuary with these expert tips.

Hydrangeas in Pots

7.27.2023 - Tips for planting and caring for container-friendly hydrangea varieties.

Growing Lamb's Ear

7.20.2023 - Bring texture and softness to your garden designs with this unique foliage plant.

Romantic Charm in NY

7.13.2023 - An upstate New York garden has outdoor living spaces that engage your senses.

8 Tips for Snails & Slugs

7.6.2023 - Stop these pests in their tracks using these eco-friendly control methods.

Growing Star Jasmine

6.29.2023 - Grow this evergreen flowering vine for sweet summertime fragrance.

Designing Garden Paths

6.22.2023 - Add or renovate pathways in your yard for function and beauty.

30 Pollinator Plants

6.15.2023 - Annuals, perennials, and shrubs to include in your pollinator garden.

Deer-Resistant Perennials

6.8.2023 - Include these plants in your landscape to minimize damage from deer.

Water Features

6.1.2023 - Add a water feature to your garden for beauty and ambiance.

Create a Colorful Garden

5.25.2023 - Learn the basics of color theory & design to use color effectively in your garden.

Growing Kniphofia

5.18.2023 - Add bright color and vertical interest to your landscape.

Flowering Ground Cover

5.11.2023 - Create a carpet of color in your garden with these showy bloomers.

Yellow Flowers

5.4.2023 - 34 flowering annuals, perennials, bulbs, shrubs, and vines.

Gardening for the Senses

4.27.2023 - How to design a sensory garden to appeal to all five of your senses.

Flowers for Bees

4.20.2023 - Bees help your garden thrive. Treat them well by growing these flowers.

Cut Flower Garden Design

4.13.2023 - Designing your own cutting garden and ideas for the best plants to include.

Growing Rosemary

4.6.2023 - Grow this versatile aromatic herb for ornamental and culinary use.

Orange Flowering Plants

3.30.2023 - Bring vibrant energy to your garden with these orange-blooming plants.

Growing Cosmos Flowers

3.23.2023 - Add this charming cottage garden favorite to your yard.

Creeping Thyme

3.16.2023 - Learn about the many charms of this resilient, aromatic groundcover.

Coffee Grounds for Plants

3.9.2023 - How to use coffee grounds to help your plants thrive.

English Lavender

3.2.2023 - Get tips for planting, caring for, and preserving these intoxicating bloomers.

Growing Lungwort

2.23.2023 - Add beauty to your shade garden from early spring into fall.

Native Switchgrass

2.16.2023 - This adaptable ornamental grass has many possible uses in the landscape.

Dwarf Hydrangeas

2.9.2023 - Enhance your landscape with these 14 small hydrangea varieties.

Shrubs for Shade

2.2.2023 - Beautify your yard with these reliable shade-tolerant shrubs.

Bird Garden Ideas

1.26.2023 - Turn your garden into a mecca for birds by filling it with the plants that they love.

Winter Flowers

1.19.2023 - Winter is the time for these beauties to shine.

Getting Started with Seeds

1.12.2023 - Get a head start and grow your favorites by starting plants at home.

Growing Forsythia

1.5.23 - Add this reliable favorite for early spring color.

Resolutions for Gardeners

12.22.2022 - 35+ inspiring ways to kick off your gardening year.

Houseplants: Winter Care

12.15.2022 - Keep your houseplants healthy with some adjustments to your care routine.

Red Twig Dogwood

11.24.2022 - Grow this hardy easy-care shrub for year-round color.

English Garden Design

11.17.2022 - Achieve the look of a quaint English garden with these basic principles.

Indoor Ferns

11.10.2022 - Grow houseplant ferns to add beauty and elegance to your home or office.

Urban Rooftop Garden

11.3.2022 - An otherwise unusable rooftop space was transformed into a unique and inviting urban garden.

Rare Houseplants

10.27.2022 - Add one of these intriguing options to your houseplant collection.

Mediterranean Landscape

10.20.2022 - Learn how to get the look of a Mediterranean landscape in your yard.

Small Flowering Shrubs

10.13.2022 - 22 small or dwarf flowering shrubs to add to your landscape for seasonal color.

Rose Garden Design

10.6.2022 - Create a beautiful rose garden for your front or back yard, small or large garden.

Small Houseplants

9.29.2022 - Make a big impact in a small space with these tabletop-friendly indoor plants.

Tropical Garden Design

9.22.2022 - Create a tropical garden that evokes the beauty of far-off destinations.

Growing Calathea

9.15.2022 - Liven up indoor spaces with these colorful easy-to-grow houseplants.

Fall Containers

9.8.2022 - 21 tips for creative container gardens that say "autumn".

Bright Light Houseplants

9.1.2022 - Transform a brightly lit room with these beautiful sun-loving plants.

Perennial Sidewalk Garden

8.25.2022 - A tiny front yard and parkway garden reflect the friendliness of its residents.

Growing Tradescantia

8.18.2022 - Grow this versatile perennial indoors or out.

Suburban Sanctuary

8.11.2022 - A suburban sanctuary for growing food and nurturing wildlife in the PNW.

Rain Garden Plants

8.4.2022 - Include these 20+ adaptable plants in your rain garden.

Planting Ideas

7.28.2022 - Tips for selecting plants with purpose—flowers, foliage, fragrance.

20+ Cottage Garden Flowers

7.21.2022 - Create a beautiful cottage-style landscape with these flowering plants.

Gardening for the Senses

7.14.2022 - How to design a sensory garden to appeal to all five of your senses.

34 Yellow Flowers

7.7.2022 - Bring a little sunshine to every corner of your garden.

Drought-Tolerant Ideas

6.30.2022 - Create a waterwise landscape to reduce usage and cut down on your water bill.

Growing Alocasia Plants

6.30.2022 - Bring a touch of the tropics to your indoor space with these bold plants.

Staking Tomatoes

6.23.2022 - Discover four simple steps for staking your tomato plants.

24 Cutting Garden Flowers

6.16.2022 - What to grow for a bumper crop of blooms from spring through fall.

Backyard Landscaping

6.9.2022 - Maximize the use of your most important outdoor space.

How to Grow Agastache

6.2.2022 - Attract pollinators to your yard with this wildlife-friendly plant.

Hydrangea Not Blooming?

5.26.2022 - 8 reasons your hydrangea may not be performing at its best.

How to Grow Petunias

5.19.2022 - A guide to growing gorgeous petunia flowers in your garden or in containers.

Vertical Gardening

5.12.2022 - Use vertical options to maximize your garden space.

Top 10 White Hydrangeas

5.5.2022 - Enhance your landscape with these graceful shrubs.

Top 32 Red Flowers

4.28.2022 - Bold and beautiful flowering annuals, perennials, and shrubs.

Front Yard Landscaping

4.21.2022 - Increase your curb appeal and provide a warm welcome for guests.

Cut Flower Garden

4.14.2022 - Plan and design your own cutting garden and the best plants to include.

Growing Azaleas

4.7.2022 - Learn how to plant, prune, and care for azalea plants.

Shade Gardens

3.31.2022 - Brighten a shady garden with a well-planned design and the right plants.

Growing Coreopsis

3.24.2022 - Get tips for planting, caring for, and using this versatile native plant.

Side Yard Design Ideas

3.17.2022 - Untap the potential of this often overlooked space.

20 Full-Sun Perennials

3.10.2022 - Brighten up your landscape with these sun-loving plants.

Meadow Landscape Design

3.3.2022 - Design a landscape that mimics ecosystems found in nature.

17 Best Foliage Plants

2.24.2022 - Add plants with interesting foliage to your landscape.

Hillside Landscaping

2.17.2022 - Learn how to upgrade a slope with these ideas and tips.

24 Low-Light Houseplants

2.10.2022 - Shade-loving indoor plants are the perfect solution for dark rooms.

Common Houseplant Pests

2.3.2022 - How to identify and get rid of common indoor plant pests.

Growing Fothergilla Shrubs

1.27.2022 - Get tips for planting, caring for, and using this easy-care native shrub.

Landscaping for Privacy

1.20.2022 - Create a more private outdoor space with these options.

Growing Prayer Plants

1.13.2022 - Grow maranta plants with dazzling leaf colors and patterns.

Garden Planning in Winter

1.6.2022 - Ideas and insights on what to do now for a better garden this spring and summer.

Shrubs for Privacy

12.30.2021 - Design for privacy using shrubs as hedging or screening.

New Year's Resolutions

12.23.2021 - 35+ inspiring ways to kick off your gardening year.

Winter Garden Design

12.16.2021 - Design a perfect winter garden that combines toughness, color, & texture.


12.9.2021 - Grow these fall and winter flowering plants indoors or outside.

Small Yard Transformation

12.2.2021 - A tiny backyard is transformed into a functional, family-friendly retreat.

Indian Hawthorn

11.25.2021 - Add year-round interest with this low-maintenance shrub.

5 Lessons: Urban Garden

11.18.2021 - Tips one author learned as he developed his own small backyard garden.

Flowering Vines

11.11.2021 - Add color and vertical dimension to your landscape with flowering vines.

Balcony Gardens

11.4.2021 - Designing a balcony or rooftop garden, the best plants and containers.

Chinese Evergreen

10.28.2021 - Grow this decorative houseplant, with foliage to suit any decor.

Gardens that Feel Like Art

10.21.2021 - Create a garden that will make you feel like you're in a piece of artwork.

Growing False Cypress

10.14.2021 - Add low-maintenance, four-season color to your landscape with Chamaecyparis.

Rock Garden Design

10.7.2021 - Enhance your landscape with this low-maintenance solution.

Growing Chokeberry

9.30.2021 - Add this edible native shrub with 3-season interest to your landscape.

Garden Ponds & Wildlife

9.23.2021 - A Delaware couple's natural-style pond is a haven for wildlife.

Fall Flowers

9.16.2021 - 20 fall-blooming plants to bring color, texture, and beauty to your garden.

Small Urban Garden: 5 Lessons

9.9.2021 - Tips one author learned as he developed his own small backyard garden.

20 Best Spring Bulbs

9.2.2021 - Fall is the time to plant these colorful spring-blooming bulbs!

Growing Abelia

8.26.2021 - A reliable shrub for attractive foliage and months of bloom.

Garden Rooms

8.19.2021 - Transform your yard with beautiful and functional garden rooms.

Growing Colorful Cannas

8.12.2021 - Heat up your summer garden with these lush tropical-looking blooms.

Beyond Straight & Narrow

8.5.2021 - A sliver of backyard space is transformed into a multifunctional outdoor area.

Growing ZZ Plant

7.29.2021 - Everything you need to know about growing this trendy tropical houseplant.

Healing & Therapy Garden

7.22.2021 - How one homeowner created a place of rest and revival.

Growing Artemisia

7.15.2021 - Add color and texture to the landscape with this carefree plant.

Grass & Lawn Alternatives

7.8.2021 - Give up your lawn for other more eco-friendly options.

Growing Echeveria

7.1.2021 - Add color to indoor and outdoor spaces with this easy-care succulent plant.

How to Get Rid of Voles

6.24.2021 - Use safe and effective methods to control these pests.

Growing Gaillardia

6.17.2021 - For months of sizzling color, add blanket flower to your landscape.

Drought-Tolerant Plants

6.10.2021 - Reduce your water use by choosing waterwise plants for your landscape.

14 Summer Vegetables

6.3.2021 - Maximize your harvest by taking advantage of warm summer days.

Native Plants

5.27.2021 - How & why to grow a native plant garden that benefits the environment.

Growing Roses in Pots

5.20.2021 - Tips for planting, growing, and caring for a patio-friendly rose garden.

A Garden to Explore

5.13.2021 - An artfully designed composition creates an orchestration of color and texture.

Growing Itea

5.6.2021 - Virginia sweetspire is the perfect flowering shrub for tough conditions.

Treat Black Spot on Roses

4.29.2021 - Learn how to prevent, manage, and treat black spot disease.

Growing Calathea Plants

4.22.2021 - Brighten indoor spaces with colorful prayer plants.

Container Plants for Shade

4.15.2021 - Liven up dark corners of your garden with these tips and plants that thrive in shade.

25 Butterfly Garden Plants

4.8.2021 - Attract butterflies to your yard with these nutrient-rich plants and flowers.

Potting Soil 101

4.1.2021 - Container growing success lies in your soil.

Container Plants for Sun

3.25.2021 - Up your outdoor plant container game with these tried-and-true varieties.

Growing Vegetables in Pots

3.18.2021 - Grow your own fresh food, even in the limited space of a patio or balcony...

21 Best Indoor Plants

3.11.2021 - Choose the right type of indoor plant for your home or office...

Build a Raised Bed Garden

3.4.2021 - How to lay out and build raised beds for growing delicious vegetables at home...

Mock Orange

2.25.2021 - Prized for their fragrance, these old-fashioned shrubs are better than ever...

Companion Planting

2.18.2021 - Increase your gardening success by helping plants help each other...


2.11.2021 - A winter champion, luscious hybrid hellebores are some of the first to bloom...

How to Start a Vegetable Garden

2.4.2021 - Start growing your own food with these 6 basic steps...

Flowers for Bees

1.28.2021 - Bees help your garden, so treat them well by growing these bee-friendly plants...

Expert Design Advice

1.21.2021 - Four different designers share what they learned while creating their own gardens...

Growing Witch Hazel

1.14.2021 - Learn to grow & care for this hardy plant with fragrant winter blooms...

Garden Planning in Winter

1.7.2021 - Ideas and insights on what to do now for a better garden this spring and summer...

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