You can fill every room of your home with greenery by choosing these versatile, easy-care houseplants

Snake Plant - A Guide to Growing Sansevieria

Learn how to grow and care for one of the best houseplants for beginners.

The Best Philodendrons to Grow Indoors

Bring the tropics indoors with some of our favorite easy-to-grow houseplants.

How to Care for Your Fiddle-Leaf Fig

Keep your fiddle-leaf fig tree happy and healthy with a little TLC and the right growing conditions.


If given the proper care these houseplants can live quite long and grow to over 10 feet tall indoors. There are also dwarf varieties that are nice for small spaces.

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A Guide to Growing Pothos

The lush foliage of this carefree houseplant adds instant beauty to your home or office

A Guide to Growing Peace Lily

Add this easy-care houseplant to your home for instant flower power.

Polka Dot Plants - Growing Tips, Design and Display Ideas

Learn how to brighten up your home and garden with this charming, easy-to-grow foliage plant.

Houseplants 101

Get the basics on houseplants: How to water, where to buy, and what to put them in


Four tips for caring for indoor topiaries during the winter months.

How to Design a Window Garden

If you enjoy the company of houseplants, consider cultivating a window garden, which is ideal for showing off plants in the winter. Creating a window garden is easy-you need only to extend the existing sill, and then mount, on the window frame, glass shelves, brackets (if you want them), and lengths of wire (for training vines). In my window garden, I paint horticultural portraits to emphasize the seasons. In this slide show, I'll show you the many different window gardens I've created in my house.

Houseplants to the Rescue

If the thought of approaching winter has you down about your garden, let houseplants come to the rescue! Tovah Martin, author of The Unexpected Houseplant, offers some great advice on how to make your windowsills shine all the way through spring.

Artisan Vessels for the Indoor Gardener

In the spirit of the handmade home, we’ve uncovered ten exemplary examples of artisan-made planters, vases, and vessels-true heirloom pieces to carry through the seasons.

A Guide to Bringing Outdoor Plants Inside

When it starts to get cold out, it only seems natural to make sure your pets are indoors and the kids have their scarves. Don’t forget a number outdoor plants can be brought indoors during the colder months to help save them for another season. Here's our guide to overwintering plants (as well as a list of which plants to toss).

How to Force Branches

It's easy to fool Mother Nature in these early days of spring-we teach you how to trick the branches of flowering trees and shrubs into blooming early in just four easy steps.

Forcing Indoor Bulbs

Now is the time to get forced bulbs ready-we show you how! Plus: How a gin cocktail keeps paperwhites short and manageable.

Way Hots: Tropical Houseplants

A host of tropical houseplants that have found new life in the great outdoors as annuals in the warm months are still happy denizens of windowsills and sunrooms when the temperature drops.

An Appreciation of the Begonia

Begonia have tropical and subtropical origins and are known for their asymmetrical leaf shapes. Read on to learn more about these plants that are best kept indoors or in shady summer beds.

Gardening Advice: Indoor Trees

Low-maintenance potted trees that do well indoors

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