Once my bulbs have finished, I am left with a boring garden all summer. Could I dig up the bulbs, plant flowers, and then replant the bulbs in the fall?
There is absolutely no need to work so hard. Your bulbs seem to be happy where they are, and I can’t think of a single good reason to dig and store them for fall replanting. In fact, the bulbs would suffer for it... (continue reading)

Last spring I rescued 75 pots of spent spring bulbs and planted them in my garden. I'm wondering how best to handle the bulbs I haul back this year?
Most of us have wondered what to do with forced bulbs past their prime. As their foliage begins to lengthen and yellow, the thought of keeping them in the house becomes less and less appealing... (continue reading)

My bulbs are spectacular while in bloom, but I hate the sight of their drying leaves. What can I do?
You're not alone. Gardeners get so fed up with the ugly remnants of bulb foliage that htey do the craziest things... (continue reading)

Last winter, squirrels ate up the 300 crocus bulbs I'd just planted. Are there bulbs I can plant this fall that squirrels don't like?
There is one kind of crocus, the pale-lavender “tommies” (Crocus tommasinianus), that might work better for you. Squirrels often leave them alone. But if you can acquire a love of daffodils, your free buffet for squirrels is history... (continue reading)

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