Grow Hyacinth Flowers for Spring Color & Fragrance

Bring vibrant color and delightful fragrance into your spring garden with hyacinth flowers

Growing Snowdrops

Learn how to plant snowdrop bulbs and care for them as they grow

Deer-Proof Bulbs

Keep Bambi at bay with these deer-resistant bulbs

Tulip Planting Guide

Discover the dos and don’ts of planting tulip bulbs and get design ideas for incorporating these flowers into your garden

Growing Lilies in Your Garden

For high drama and romance all summer long, the genus Lilium is a must.

Growing Colorful Calla Lily Hybrids

Find out why jewel-colored calla lilies are hot additions to vases, pots and gardens.

18 Stunning & Offbeat Spring Blooming Bulbs

Expand your horizons with easy-to-grow "geophytes" that offer toughness, drought tolerance, and brilliant blooms.

Allium Flowers Bring Star Power to the Garden

Stylish, long-lived and easy to grow, alliums are unbeatable bulbs for the perennial border.

Delightful Daffodils

A familiar bulb sparks passion both sides of the Atlantic-our exclusive photographs of five showstopping varieties of daffodils (and suggestions for similar alternatives to grow at home).

Six Tantalizing Tulips to Plant Now

When the gray skies of winter loom in the distance, it’s time to get planting! Tuck in a quiet bed of bulbs and imagine a warm spring with brilliant blooms.

Forcing Indoor Bulbs

Now is the time to get forced bulbs ready-we show you how! Plus: How a gin cocktail keeps paperwhites short and manageable.

The Craft of Interplanting with Jacqueline van der Kloet

Photos of Jacqueline van der Kloet's gardens around the world, showing her artful mix of fall bulbs in bloom in public gardens in New York and Holland and at her home.

The Bulbs of Summer

Summer bulbs, which go in when the soil warms in spring, can be the easiest and most satisfying way to give your garden a hit of exotic color and fragrance during the hottest months of the year. Now is the time for gardeners in most parts of the country to make plans for and order summer bulbs, in order to get them in the dirt in April or May.

Loving Giant Snowdrops

Snowdrop fanatic David L. Culp-he has the second-largest collection in the country!-talks about this winter-blooming bulb, saying that "Anything that blooms against the odds has a place in my heart." Plus: His favorite plant pairings for the Giant Snowdrop.

Gardening Advice: Tulip Offspring

Why many tulips don't grow back a second season

Gardening Advice: Post-Bulb Blahs

How to plant other flowers around bulbs without disturbing them

Gardening Advice: Squirrels Dining On Your Bulbs?

The best squirrel-proof perennials

Gardening Advice: Bulb Remnants

What to do with the remnants of bulb foliage

Gardening Advice: Bulbs Past Their Prime

What to do with forced bulbs that are past their prime

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