Flower Arranging 101

Creating striking arrangements doesn't take a genius—or a florist. Our step-by-step guide about how to DIY flower centerpieces at home.

How to Use Hydrangeas in Bouquets

Hydrangeas are lovely in floral arrangements, but the flowers tend to wilt quickly after cutting, so success depends on following tried-and-true techniques.

Stylish Harvest Table Arrangements

Our friends at Studio Choo, Sullivan Owen, and Asrai Gardens share some great tips for a professional twist on your fall centerpieces and table decor.

Notes from a Flower Farm: DIY Marigold Garlands

See what flower farmer Katherine Anderson does with her bounty of marigolds.

David Austin's Garden Roses

The British rose breeder David Austin has been breeding old-rose plants since 1961. These gorgeous and profusely petaled flowers had fallen out of fashion as cut flowers because of their short vase life, but in 2004, David Austin introduced eight varieties of old-fashioned roses that will last as cut flowers for a week to ten days. We take a look at the history of breeding these very romanitc flowers.

Flowers of Japan

Exquisite new blooms from the land of the rising sun.

Notes from a Flower Farm: Muscari for Mother's Day

Ideas from Marigold and Mint about how to make a modern arrangement for mom with cheerful muscari and poppies. Plus: Tips for growing and harvesting muscari for arrangements.

Rob Plattel: Dutch Master

Rob Plattel, one of Holland's most progressive floral designers, doesn't do weddings and doesn't own a flower shop. Here's his take on a new direction of floral design.

Flowers to Grow for Garden Bouquets

At Hortulus Farm, Garden & Nursery, floral designer and event maestro Renny Reynolds creates simple, unstructured arrangements with seasonal and homegrown botanical ingredients. He and partner Jack Staub glean from the perennial borders, cutting garden and flowering shrubs to create highly personal arrangements for decorating their home. Here are their top 10 cutting plants for floral design.

Notes from a Flower Farm: DIY Valentine's Day Posies and Arrangements

How to make posies and small bouquets for Valentine's Day.

Notes from a Flower Farm: Holiday Centerpiece Guide

Pick your own holiday centerpiece: We've put together DIY guides to five very different floral arrangements for your holiday table. There's one for every taste: modern, traditional, hipster, and dramatic.

Notes From a Flower Farm: Sunflowers, Zinnias, and Dahlias

Now that Labor Day is behind us and the kids are heading back to school, Katherine Anderson of Marigold and Mint creates a few late summer flower arrangements with three favorite flowers of the season: sunflowers, zinnias, and dahlias.

Eddie Zaratsian: A Floral Feast for the Soul

When Hollywood stars hire Eddie Zaratsian, they know this renowned botanical artist with his generous, magnetic personality will create a powerful reflection of his clients' personal style and preferences. Check out his inspiring work below, including some images from his new book, Eddie Zaratsian: Custom Florals and Lifestyle.

Notes from a Flower Farm: Decorating With Succulents

Inspired by a family trip to Palm Springs, our floral columnist creates fresh arrangements using succulents. Mixed with seasonal flowers and displayed in old silver containers, this is a whole new take on a trendy group of plants.

Notes from a Flower Farm: DIY Yellow Flower Arrangements

Our step-by-step slide show explains how to make three different types of yellow flower arrangements, including a spiral hand-tied bouquet and a traditional arrangement in a vase, by using roses, tulips, and other seasonal flowers.

Power Flowers: 6 Unique Floral Designs

Our “A-list” party experts show you how to make your holiday table the talk of the town.

Brooklyn Style: D.I.Y. Floral Design

Florist-to-the-hipsters Kathleen Hyppolite of Kat Flower displays her gorgeous arrangements at the Brooklyn Flea, a flea market in Brooklyn, NY. In our slideshow, she shares some great tips about how to condition flowers before arranging and how to load your containers with textures and pops of color.

D.I.Y. Wreath Centerpiece

How to make a tabletop wreath with step-by-step instructions.

Notes From a Flower Farm: Summer Shells

Notes from a Flower Farm goes on vacation and gets inspired by the seashore's shells for her latest flower arrangements.

Floral Design studio at Flora Grubb Gardens

When San Francisco-based Flora Grubb decided to add cut flowers and floral design to her flourishing business, she turned to designer Susie Nadler who finds inspiration in her everyday surroundings -- a good fit, since "The Cutting Garden" uses only California-grown materials.

Lee James — Floral Design

Knowing we were working on our Classic Beauty issue, Lee James of Orlando, Florida, created these French-inspired designs for us. Check out his site at leejamesfloral.com.

Art & Botany: Flower Mandalas

Arizona artist Kathy Klein gathers natural materials to design circular arrangements in situ. After photographing her work, she walks away. The colorful medallions are now ephemeral gifts for whoever comes along.

Notes from a Flower Farm: Decorating With Herbs

How to make arrangements using herbs and spring flowers that are perfect for the Passover or Easter table.

Wizards of Oz

Australian plants are like the ultimate self-sacrificing mother: They give and give (certain trees can reach 20 feet in just a few years and flower for six weeks or more) but ask so little in return. (Fertilizer? Rain? If you insist.) Their fantastical forms, however-including sculptural, hairy, or waxy blooms in neon colors-are anything but matronly.

From-the-Garden Wreaths for Holiday Decorating: Slideshow

With a touch of charm and a wild, from-the-garden aesthetic, we rounded up these garden-inspired wreaths that are perfect for your décor from Thanksgiving to Christmas.

Notes from a Flower Farm: A Passion for Purple Flowers

Our latest Notes from a Flower Farm column, by Marigold and Mint, is a beautiful series of bouquets, all made with purple flowers. Whether arranged in groupings of single specimens or layered in a hand-tied bouquet in a range of tonal hues, these purple flowers are showcased in all of their glory in these gorgeous arrangements. Plus: Tips and tricks for keeping violet flowers at their best.

Gilding Lilies

It's the golden age for lilies, of the genus Lilium, with thousands of lily varieties. A short history of lily hybridization and why it's heating up now, more than ever.

Notes from a Flower Farm: Growing and Arranging Sweet Peas

In our latest column from Marigold and Mint, Katherine Anderson shows how to plant and harvest sweet peas (including how to create a lattice wall) and how to arrange these delicate flowers into sassy summer centerpieces.

Notes from a Flower Farm: The Flowers of Paris

Katherine Anderson, our flower columnist, goes to Paris, and comes back with lots of design inspiration. Here, she shows some photos from her trip and shows us how to make a beautifully layered flower arrangement, inspired by her Parisian sojourn.

The Meaning of a Rose

Roses are the most popular flower for Valentine's Day, but did you know that different hues and varieties of roses have different meanings? If you're wondering how to best convey your passionate love, your chaste yearning, or alternatively, your disappointment in your relationship, there's a rose for you.

5 Dazzling Summer Bouquets

With bright colors and effortless beauty, summer blooms add a layer of joy to hot days. We talked to five floral designers about their current favorite...

FlowerSchool New York: Master Class with Ariella Chezar

Florist Ariella Chezar shares some of her tips for creating a natural, full but loose centerpiece....

Bruno Duarte: Step by Step Floral Design

Standing at the worktable in his shop, surrounded by an array of floral design elements that celebrated both nature and high style, Bruno Duarte demonstrated his artistry...

European Floral Designers

Europe's most revered and mimicked botanical sculptors

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