Beautiful Foliage Plants for Your Perennial Garden

Foliage plants are the hardworking chorus line of a well-designed garden


Colorful coleus varieties add pizzazz to shady beds, sunny borders and containers


Foliage plants extraordinaire, hardy euphorbias are titans of texture


This leafy denizen of the forest tropics is making a splashy comeback

Shade-Loving Hostas Offer Form & Foliage

The ultimate foliage plant for shade, hostas offer versatility, durability and a seemingly limitless variety of forms, sizes and shades of green

Growing Elephant Ear Plants in Your Garden

Elephant ears bring to mind lush, tropical forests, adding drama to both gardens and containers

Ferns: Ancient Beauty

Ubiquitous yet often overlooked, indoor and outdoor ferns are botanical marvels

Nine Japanese Maple Trees for Fall Color

For center of attention drama and vivid fall foliage, nothing beats Japanese maples

Growing Bamboo in Your Garden

Forest plants of old, bamboos evoke images of another continent

Ornamental Grasses for the Garden

Prized for providing year-round interest, grasses are full and lush during the warm months, put on great displays of fall color and are unmatched for winter texture


Among the plant world’s shape-shifters, bromeliads range from prickle-top pineapples to skeins of Spanish moss to yuccalike, desert-loving dyckia

Beautiful Begonias: Types & Care

Typically employed as houseplants and in shaded summer beds, Begoniaceae have tropical and subtropical origins and are known for their asymmetrical leaf shapes

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