10 Ways to Start Building a Garden for Wildlife

Turn your garden into a wildlife sanctuary with these eco-friendly tips.

A Sustainable Strolling Garden

Tour Rick Darke and Melinda Zoehrer’s 1.5-acre property in Landenberg, Pennsylvania.

Create the Illusion of Water with Plants

Pam Penick shares ideas for using grasses, trees, groundcovers and other plants to evoke water in a dry garden.

My Garden: A Naturalistic Garden Welcomes the Birds and the Bees

Welcoming all that can fly in, this natural garden is home to birds, bees, bugs, and even bats. It’s also populated with native and ornamental plants that are both beautiful and kind to the environment.

Rain Gardens: Design and Benefits

Call it a bio-infiltration basin or, more romantically, a rain garden. Either way, it’s a shallow planted depression designed to hold water until it soaks into the soil-and a key feature of eco-friendly landscape design.

Bee Garden Plants

Discover how to help save the bees by growing bee friendly plants in your garden. Get tips for creating a bee garden that will support pollinators and look great.

New Outdoor Furniture Collection Is Inspired by Nature

Grab a seat and relax in your outdoor space with nature-inspired furniture from landscape designer Nick Williams and furniture manufacturer Phillip Roth. Using reclaimed teakwood that’s weather-resistant, this new collection will blend into any garden, or take center stage as the star.

Dead Ends Garden Rehabilitates Garden Castoffs

Owners Brandon and Melissa took their interest for unique, sick, and unwanted plants, and turned 4 acres of mixed forest into a sanctuary for garden castoffs. Read the story on how their little business was sprung, now populated with over 1,000 species of plants.

Water-Wise Plants and Design for Earth Day

In celebration of Earth Day, we’re recycling our favorite articles on water-wise garden design. This collection of eco-friendly articles includes information about plants that are drought-tolerant yet still add color and texture to the garden, and ideas for arranging environmentally-conscious plants into your design.

Pebble Mosaic Walkways

The design trend away from solid concrete to permeable walking surfaces has opened the door to fresh paving options. Smaller homes and yards make it possible to explore alternative, sometimes truly unique surfaces without breaking the budget.

Dry Wit: Margaret Joplin's Southwest Hacienda Garden

A garden in Patagonia, Arizona, takes the Southwest climate in stride

A Multifaceted Garden Mirrors the Wealth of Idaho Ecosystems

A Zen garden in Sun Valley, Idaho designed by Native Landscapes kept wise water use in mind, as well as wildlife habitat and use of local materials.

Herbal Household Helpers

Spring cleaning? Use these herbal recipes for cleaning products from garden expert Trisha Shirey.

Global Warming and Gardens

Climate change is not only coming, it's already well underway. What can our gardens expect?

Portland Garden by a Dream Team of Eco-Friendly Designers

The owners of this Portland, Oregon, garden want to connect people with the Earth

7 Water-Wise Plants for Desert Regions

Jim Martinez has been creating water-wise, environmentally friendly gardens in Dallas and Marfa, Texas for more than 30 years. He picks seven of his favorite plants to grow in desert regions, including Arizona, New Mexico, and Texas.

Growing Green in Pennsylvania

A Pennsylvania state representative and his wife wanted to test their theory that sustainability and style can go hand in hand. Seven years later, they have their proof.

Water Wisdom: An Eco-Friendly Santa Fe Garden

A garden in Santa Fe honors the native landscape and makes the most of every drop of rain that falls

Permeable Pavers

How storm-water management is transforming the roads we drive on.

Advocacy Gardening with Ecology Action

Small is bountiful and politics is dirty in the world John Jeavons wants all of us to dig

Green Roofs

Experimentation and fun transform the aesthetics of green roofs.

How to Plan an Heirloom Vegetable Garden

An organic kitchen garden in Healdsburg, California, nourishes body, soul and the local community

Eco-Friendly Pest Control

Easy, organic ways to keep pests away from your plants, from tea sprays to companion plants.

DIY Tree Lamp

Anna Laurent gives step-by-step instructions for how to turn found wood into a magnificent floor lamp that's easy, inexpensive, and super stylish.

An Organic Kitchen Garden

A collaboration between a garden designer and a culinary-arts-trained homeowner results in the ultimate potager, one so productive (and delicious) that chefs throughout Sonoma County clamor for its surplus

Read It and Eat

With the recent tidal wave of interest in growing edibles, it's no wonder that a bounty of new books on the subject has hit the shelves

Gabor + Allen Courtyard Garden

A small Venice courtyard by Gabor + Allen has become a laboratory for the design-build firm's growing ideas

Greenlee Nurseries - Master of Ornamental Grasses

Grasses guru John Greenlee and landscape architect Ron Herman join forces at a Mediterranean-style estate in California

Desert Paradise

A garden in the Arizona desert designed by Christy Ten Eyck is both water-wise and chic

Aspen Escape

A project in Aspen goes green from the ground up

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