'Walz Jubelteen' (Fuchsia hybrid). Photo by: Wirestock Creators / Shutterstock

Fuchsia plants are a delightful addition to any garden, with their showy blooms and attractive foliage. However, these plants are not always winter hardy and can suffer damage or even die if exposed to harsh winter conditions. Overwintering your plants can help ensure their survival and allow them to flourish again in the spring.

Tender Fuchsias

Indoor houseplants:

Fuchsia plants can be brought indoors and overwintered as houseplants, though they can be a challenge. Bring plants indoors before the first frost. Check plants for pests before bringing indoors and treat with insecticidal soap or neem oil as needed. Provide bright indirect light and high humidity, misting leaves regularly or using a room humidifier. Plants will need little or no fertilizer and less water during winter months.

As dormant houseplants:

Fuchsias are easier to overwinter indoors if allowed to go dormant. Provide a dark, cool but frost-free place such as a basement or garage and water plants only when the soil is dry to touch. Bring outdoors in spring when all danger of frost is past and plants begin to show new growth. Cut plants back by up to half their size and repot in fresh soil.

Hardy Fuchsias


For hardy Fuchsia planted in the ground, add a thick layer of mulch around the base of the plants in fall. Plants may also be wrapped with burlap and straw to help insulate from frost and snow. Most established plants will come back from freezing temperatures, re-sprouting from the base.


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