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Los Angeles, CA

Explore some of Los Angeles' best gardens. Walk peaceful pathways, see elegant and inspired collections, and learn more about local plants.

San Diego, CA

Famous for its miles of sandy beaches and pristine weather, San Diego also boasts amazing gardens. Discover 3 of local expert Debra Lee Baldwin's favorites.

Phoenix, AZ

Don't let the desert climate fool you. Explore three of the best gardens in the greater Phoenix area, and you just might be surprised at the array of beautiful plants that grow here.

San Francisco, CA

Discover three unique gardens all located within Golden Gate Park in San Francisco. The park offers visitors a picturesque setting with lakes, picnic spots, and trails.

Seattle, WA

If you're seeking a walk through mossy woods, Asian gardens or a botanical extravaganza to inspire you, you will find many ideas on this adventure.

Portland, OR

Get off the well-trodden path to explore some hidden treasures. Walk woodland trails, see birds and wildlife, and get landscaping ideas for your own garden.

Tucson, AZ

Known for its dramatic beauty and mild climate, Tucson is also home to 3 amazing gardens, where you'll find inspiration and practical advice for your own garden.

Salt Lake City, UT

Utah is filled with fascinating destinations. Explore three of the best gardens in the area, where you'll not only find plant collections, but education and beauty.

Minnesota, USA

Local garden expert Ryan McEnaney has planned the perfect day out for garden lovers, with 3 lavish Minnesota gardens all within the greater St. Paul area.

Chicago, IL

Boasting interesting architecture and art, Chicago is also home to beautiful gardens. Our local expert shares 3 favorites that any garden lover will enjoy.

Austin, TX

Local landscape designer Diana Kirby suggests a fun-packed day exploring three of her favorites, all unique and exciting in their own way.

Denver, CO

See plants from around the world, get inspiration for your own water-wise garden, and more at three fantastic gardens on this local day trip in the Denver area.

Michigan, USA

Visit these Proven Winners® Signature Gardens before or after a trip to Mackinac Island, or any other Michigan destination.

New York, NY

This day trip may take more than a day, but these three must-see gardens are well worth the time. See what garden is described as "a garden lovers dream."

Lower Hudson Valley, NY

Designated as a National Heritage Area, this region offers peaceful villages, spectacular views, and a wide range of garden experiences on this day trip.

Philadelphia, PA

Local landscape designer Jerry Fritz had no hesitation in recommending these three outstanding gardens for an unforgettable day trip in America's Garden Capital.

Washington, DC

Step away from the museums and memorials and enjoy a day exploring delightful gardens, as recommended by local landscape designer Barbara Katz.

Atlanta, GA

Georgia may be best known for its peaches, but there are also wonderful gardens to visit, such as the three featured in this day trip for the Atlanta area.

Orlando, FL

Take a break from theme parks and discover unique plant collections and explore exceptional gardens, including one that is described as "Miami and New York combined".

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Vancouver, Canada

Experience three unique gardens in this Vancouver day trip that starts in the heart of the city, then on to an aerial trail adventure, and ends with a calming Japanese garden.

Toronto, Canada

Visit three distinctly different gardens in Toronto, the largest city in Canada, on this relaxing day trip recommended by local garden expert Helen Battersby.

Halifax, Nova Scotia

Enjoy three magnificent gardens in, and near, Halifax—including the oldest Victorian garden in North America, an amazing rock garden, and an historically themed garden.

York, England

The walled city of York in northeast England offers so much to the visitor, including three picturesque walled gardens that are not to be missed.

Peak District, England

The Peak District National Park is a delight to all those who love the picturesque countryside, with its rolling hills, sweeping views, quaint villages, and historic gardens.

East Anglia, England

East Anglia is the perfect destination any time of year. See beautiful countryside, medieval and historic market towns, and three fabulous gardens.

Harrogate, England

Set in the heart of Yorkshire, the Harrogate District is filled with historic castles and abbeys, attractive towns, quaint villages, and exceptional public gardens.

Hist. Harrogate, England

Discover 3 breathtaking gardens set amongst the historic villages and rolling countryside that surround the spa town of Harrogate.

Loire Valley, France

Loved for its fairytale châteaux, bustling market towns, and some of the best wines in the world, it also has much to offer garden enthusiasts.

Marrakesh, Morocco

An unforgetable adventure awaits when you visit these 3 gorgeous gardens in the vibrant, bustling city of Marrakesh.

Victoria, B.C.

Visiting Victoria is always an adventure, but it's also a gardener's paradise. Explore three unique gardens that both educate and delight.

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Top 20 Gardens to Visit in the U.S.

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