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Seattle, WA

Whether you are seeking a tranquil walk through mossy woods, historical Asian gardens or a botanical extravaganza to inspire your creativity, you will find an abundance of ideas on this adventure

Washington, DC

Step away from the museums and memorials of Washington DC and enjoy a day exploring delightful gardens, as recommended by local, award-winning landscape designer Barbara Katz.

Lower Hudson Valley, NY

Designated as a National Heritage Area, this region, a favorite of award- winning landscape designer and author Jan Johnsen, offers peaceful villages, spectacular views, and a wide range of garden experiences.

Philadelphia, PA

Philadelphia is known as America’s Garden Capital. Yet local landscape designer and craftsman Jerry Fritz had no hesitation in recommending these three outstanding gardens for an unforgettable day trip.

Los Angeles, CA

Explore some of Los Angeles' best gardens. Walk peaceful pathways, see elegant and inspired collections, and learn more about local plants.

Portland, OR

Get off the well-trodden path to explore some hidden treasures. Meander through woodland trails, see birds and wildlife, and get landscaping ideas for your own garden.

San Francisco, CA

Discover three unique gardens all located within Golden Gate Park in San Francisco. The park offers visitors a picturesque setting with lakes, picnic spots, and trails.

New York, NY

This day trip may take more than a day to see it all, but these three must-see gardens are well worth the time. See what garden is described as "a garden lovers dream."

Salt Lake City, UT

Utah is filled with fascinating destinations. Explore three of the best gardens in the Salt Lake City area, where you'll not only find plant collections, but education and inspiration.

Austin, TX

Local landscape designer Diana Kirby suggests a fun-packed day exploring three of her favorites, all unique and exciting in their own way.

Chicago, IL

Boasting interesting architecture and art, Chicago is also home to beautiful gardens. Our local expert shares 3 of her favorites that any garden lover will enjoy exploring.

San Diego, CA

Famous for its miles of sandy beaches and pristine weather, San Diego also boasts amazing gardens. Discover 3 of local expert Debra Lee Baldwin's favorites.

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Top 20 Gardens to Visit in the U.S.

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