Tips to Help Your Garden Survive a Summer Drought

Discover drought-tolerant gardening techniques that will help your garden overcome water restrictions.

16 Surprisingly Drought-Tolerant Plants

A selection of hardy annuals, perennials and shrubs that will survive on limited water.

Create the Illusion of Water with Plants

Pam Penick shares ideas for using grasses, trees, groundcovers and other plants to evoke water in a dry garden.

25 Desert Plants for Arid Landscapes

Living in a dry desert climate doesn’t mean you can’t have a beautiful landscape. Grow these plants that are adapted to hot, dry, desert conditions.

I Love This Plant: Sharkskin Agave

The majestic Agave ‘Sharkskin’ is a spectacular plant, either by itself as a striking accent or focal point, or planted en masse on a hillside.

Water-Wise Plants and Design for Earth Day

In celebration of Earth Day, we’re recycling our favorite articles on water-wise garden design. This collection of eco-friendly articles includes information about plants that are drought-tolerant yet still add color and texture to the garden, and ideas for arranging environmentally-conscious plants into your design.

8 Elegant Watering Essentials

Watering - among the most necessary and rewarding of garden tasks. Who hasn’t spent a moment quietly in the yard in the early evening, watering can in hand, admiring the day’s work and the promise of new growth. Here, at the cusp of spring, we’ve found some new watering favorites- elevated essentials that will bring a touch of design and style to the upcoming planting season.

Internationally Popular Drought Resistant Plants

Five best sellers from one of the largest nurseries in Italy are classic and compatible additions to contemporary gardens here and abroad, particularly suitable for eco-friendly gardens with reduced water consumption. Founded in 1978, Torsanlorenzo Gruppo Florovivaistico now operates 16 nurseries and offers more than 5,700 plant varieties.

Mojave Rock Ranch Reinvents the Desert Garden

Take a visual stroll through this unusual landscape to see what innovative designers achieve when faced with a huge arid site surrounded on three sides by steep cliffs.

Dry Wit: Margaret Joplin's Southwest Hacienda Garden

A garden in Patagonia, Arizona, takes the Southwest climate in stride

A Multifaceted Garden Mirrors the Wealth of Idaho Ecosystems

A Zen garden in Sun Valley, Idaho designed by Native Landscapes kept wise water use in mind, as well as wildlife habitat and use of local materials.

Water Wisdom: An Eco-Friendly Santa Fe Garden

A garden in Santa Fe honors the native landscape and makes the most of every drop of rain that falls

Permeable Pavers

How storm-water management is transforming the roads we drive on.

Ten Eyck Desert Garden

A garden in the Arizona desert designed by Christy Ten Eyck is both water-wise and chic

Aspen Escape

A project in Aspen goes green from the ground up

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