Finding a thoughtful gift for a loved one can be a challenge, but we’re here to help! Here are some of our favorite gardening gifts—curated by the Garden Design editors.

Huseman Metalworks

Rustic Craftsman Style Hanging Bird Feeder

These rustic bird feeders measure 13-1/2" tall and 15-1/4" wide and hold approximately 12 cups of bird seed. They are crafted entirely by hand with 18ga steel, solid copper rivets, and hand-cut art glass panels. Allow the unsealed finish to naturally patina, or apply your sealer of choice. Also available in galvanized steel. A perfect gift for your bird-loving gardening friends.

From $230 from Huseman Metalworks

Dan Benarcik

Garden Chair

Kick your feet up! For over 20 years, Dan Benarcik has been building and refining the design of this garden chair. It’s made of red cedar and/or Douglas fir, so it can withstand the outdoors.

Kits starting at $300.00, chair plans (PDF) $35.00, fully assembled $425.00. Available here.

Proven Winners

Proven Winners Online Gift Certificate

Give the gift of plants and flowers! Perfect for that person who is hard to shop for, but you know loves to garden. You can select the dollar amount ranging from $5 to $500.

Starting at $5 from Proven Winners

Tyson M. Weiss

Fish Garden Art

Maine artist Tyson M. Weiss makes these unique ceramic fish sculptures that appear to lazily cruise through pristine plantings. A school of three is ideal for conveying the impression of movement. They can stay outdoors all year and come with garden rods. The Medium Salsa Fishie is shown, but there are other sizes and colors available.

$30 and up, from Fish in the Garden

Proven Winners

Twist 'N Plant Gardening Augers

Save time and plant more with Twist N Plant gardening augers! These high-quality augers are a great choice over using a trowel—especially where roots are involved. You'll be changing out garden beds left and right! Three sizes available: REGULAR (3" x 12"), JUMBO (5" x 15"), & EXTENDED (3" x 24").

Starting at $39 from Proven Winners


Wooden Tools and Ornaments

These handcrafted wooden garden tools and ornaments are created from local resources in Washington and provide you the opportunity to give a truly unique gift. Hand-turned garden dibbers and row markers are perfect for planting seeds, and who doesn't love a Chrismas gnome? See these items and more from our friends at Stumpdust.

Starting at $15 from Stumpdust

Olga Akbarova

Garden-Inspired Cards, Journals, and more

Featuring fun and garden-inspired art prints, greeting cards, journals, totes, and more, artist Olga Akbarova always has something fresh to give. You may even recognize her art from our Day Trip maps!

From $5.00 from Olga Akbarova Art

Proven Winners

Proven Harvest Seeds

Perfect for a stocking stuffer or something to enclose with your holiday cards, these seed packets are a delicious addition to gift giving! Available in collections or individually.

Starting at $8.50 from Proven Winners

Proven Winners


Give the gift of a top quality, self-watering planter that outperforms any other on the market. With high-quality finishes, trendsetting colors, multiple sizes, as well as ceramic or lightweight options, there is an AquaPot that will fit any garden, patio, or outdoor space. Or, upgrade existing containers to make them self-watering with individual AquaPots Inserts.

Starting at $150 for pots, $45 for inserts (includes shipping) from Proven Winners

Joe Lamp'l

Online Learning Academy from Joe Lamp'l

There's always something to learn in the garden. Give the gift of learning from national gardening expert Joe Lamp'l with courses on gardening fundamentals, growing tomatoes, creating perfect soil, and dealing with pests and diseases.

From $47 from Joe Lamp'l

The Layered Garden—Design Lessons for Year-Round Beauty from Brandywine Cottage

Take a tour through David Culp's personal garden, Brandywine Cottage in Pennsylvania, and learn step-by-step how to create a garden that masters the art of layering: how to choose the correct plants so they will peak at different times, understanding how plants grow and change seasonally, and how to maintain it. All illustrated beautifully through the gorgeous photography of Rob Cardillo.

$21 on Amazon

New Naturalism: Designing & Planting a Resilient, Ecologically Vibrant Home Garden

Learn how to design and grow a lush, thriving home garden the way nature intended it to be. In this book by Kelly Norris, you'll find planting recipes, ways to upgrade existing beds, and creative ways to make an ecologically vibrant garden—even in a small space.

$19 on Amazon

The Well-Tempered Garden: Wisdom & Advice from a Legendary Gardener

This book may be from 1997, but it's a true classic referred back to by many gardeners—including Fergus Garrett of the Great Dixter! From the basic skills of planting, deadheading and pruning, to tips on propagating and learning to see the unexpected surprises the garden can bring. Full of life and color, Christopher Lloyd inspired many, and that spirit can still be felt in Great Dixter today.

$23 on Amazon

Timber Press

Deer-Resistant Design

For those with the common problem of deer eating their plants, this book has the answers! Karen Chapman explores intentional garden design solutions and plants to use (there are zones listed, so you know they'll work in your garden!), all while showcasing beautiful gardens across the country—each with its own story of trouble and triumph.

$20 from Amazon

The New Gardener's Handbook: Grow a Beautiful & Bountiful Garden - Everything You Need to Know

This handy resource from Daryl Beyers, gardening expert and instructor at the New York Botanical Garden, will be something gardeners refer to again and again. From soil and mulching, to plant selection and watering tips, you'll feel confident in your garden and excited for what you can accomplish!

$14 on Amazon

St. Lynn's Press

The Right-Size Flower Garden

Do you know someone who is overwhelmed at the task of maintaining their garden? Help them enjoy gardening more with this book from gardener, writer, and teacher Kerry Ann Mendez. She shares simple design changes that make smarter use of space, along with tips on choosing the best low-maintenance plants for your garden.

$13 from Amazon

The Countryman Press

Gardentopia: Design Basics for Creating Beautiful Outdoor Spaces

Landscape and garden expert Jan Johnsen provides inspiration and instruction with over 100 unique techniques to transform humble gardens and yards into magical outdoor spaces. Her tips are illustrated, specific and easily applied. She suggests simple changes and design strategies that can have big impact, such as accenting curves and cascading trimming techniques. Over 100 color photos bring her book to life and help readers see just what is possible in their own yard or garden.

$25 from Amazon

The Countryman Press

The Vegetable Gardening Book: Your Complete Guide to Growing an Edible Organic Garden from Seed to Harvest

A wheelbarow full of information from award-winning television and podcast host Joe Lamp'l, including layout and design ideas, plans for reducing maintenance, reference charts, tips on extending the growing season, profiles on 40 of Joe's favorite plants, and more!

$17 from Amazon

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