Finding a thoughtful gift for a loved one can be a challenge, but we’re here to help! Here are our favorite gardening gifts—curated by the Garden Design editors.

Proven Winners

Twist 'N Plant Gardening Augers

Save time and plant more with Twist N Plant gardening augers! These high-quality augers are a great choice over using a trowel—especially where roots are involved. You'll be changing out garden beds left and right! Three sizes available: REGULAR (3" x 12"), JUMBO (5" x 15"), & EXTENDED (3" x 24").

Starting at $39 from Proven Winners

Uncommon Goods

Harvester's Basket

Perfect for bringing in flowers or veggies, this basket will come in handy for the gardener in your life. Plus, you can use this as the base of a gift basket filled with other thoughtful items!

$50 from Uncommon Goods

Proven Winners

Proven Winners Online Gift Certificate

Give the gift of plants and flowers! Perfect for that person who is hard to shop for, but you know loves to garden. You can select the dollar amount ranging from $5 to $500.

Starting at $5 from Proven Winners

Olga Akbarova

Garden-Inspired Cards, Journals, and more

Featuring fun and garden-inspired art prints, greeting cards, journals, totes, and more, artist Olga Akbarova always has something fresh to give. You may even recognize her art from our Day Trip maps!

From $4.95 from Olga Akbarova Art

Rifle Paper Company

Strawberry Fields Jigsaw Puzzle

The beauty of flowers and enjoyable pastime of putting together a puzzle comes together in this one gift.

$34 from Rifle Paper Co.

Proven Winners

Tomato and Pepper Seeds

Perfect for a stocking stuffer or something to enclose with your holiday cards, these seed packets are a delicious addition to gift giving! Available together as a collection or individually.

Starting at $8 from Proven Winners

Designing Abundant Containers Online Course

Gift this online course and help someone special learn how to design and plant beautiful garden containers from professional designer, Karen Chapman. Add a beautiful container with some potting soil as well, so all they'll have to do is add plants.

$24 from LeJardinet

Kerry Ann Mendez

Set of Floral Notecards

A thoughtful note is always nice to receive-even better when it arrives on a beautiful card! Each notecard set comes with 5 blank cards and envelopes; available in horizontal or vertical format. The garden and flower images are from Kerry Ann Mendez, many from her own garden.

$11.50 from Kerry Ann Mendez


Garden Boots

Waterproof boots that are easy to slip on and off are invaluable for gardeners. These Crocs come in 6 colors, including classic Navy (shown) and bright Lemon.

$40 from Amazon

Kerry Ann Mendez

Online Learning Bundle

Give the gift of gardening knowledge with this online, 4-video bundle from plant expert Kerry Ann Mendez. Lessons on designing a sustainable flower garden, bold and fine foliage plants, plants for shade gardens, and perennials that do double-duty.

$31.95 from Perennially Yours, Kerry Ann Mendez


Porthole Infuser

This infuser can be used to create cocktails, oils, teas, dressings, lemonade, coffee and more. For spring and summer, we think a lemon and lavender infused water sounds wonderful! Durably constructed of stainless steel and tempered glass.

$129 at Frontgate

Proven Winners


Give the gift of a top quality, self-watering, ceramic planter that outperforms any other on the market. With high-quality finishes, trendsetting colors, and multiple sizes, there is an AquaPot that will fit any garden, patio, or outdoor space.

Starting at $179 (includes shipping), from Proven Winners

Dan Benarcik

Garden Chair

Kick your feet up! For nearly 20 years, Dan Benarcik has been building and refining the design of this garden chair. It’s made of red cedar and/or Douglas fir, so it can withstand the outdoors.

$375 (finished chair) $250 (DIY kit) available here


Insect House

This home for insects would be a wonderful gift for those who love to observe the little creatures that keep our world going.

$19 from Amazon

Tyson M. Weiss

Fish Garden Art

Maine artist Tyson M. Weiss makes these unique ceramic fish sculptures that appear to lazily cruise through pristine plantings. A school of three is ideal for conveying the impression of movement. They can stay outdoors all year and come with garden rods. The Medium Salsa Fishie is shown, but there are three sizes and a cobalt color available.

$30 and up, from UncommonGoods

Owl Reach

Screech Owl Nesting Box

Give local owls a safe place to nest, plus enjoy the OwlView roosting window so you can witness their wild beauty! Install this box on a hardwood tree or on the side of a house, or barn. Colors to choose from are natural cedar, farm white, and farm grey. Handmade in Texas.

Starting at $70 from Owl Reach


Rustic Cauldron Style Fire Bowl

Extend time spent outdoors in the evening by gifting this attractive cauldron-style fire bowl.

$150 from Amazon

Proven Winners

The Proven Winners Garden Book: Simple Plans, Picture-Perfect Plants, and Expert Advice for Creating a Gorgeous Garden

Expert plant knowledge and creative design ideas from America’s #1 plant brand. The Proven Winners Garden Book contains simple garden plans, including a welcoming entryway, pollinator garden, flower garden, shady summertime retreat and deer-resistant garden. It also has 25 container recipes to add color to a patio, porch or balcony. The authors share lessons on garden prep, design choices, and how to buy the right plants.

$30 from Proven Winners

Proven Winners

The Gardens of Mackinac Island

Who better than Jack Barnwell (Mackinac's premier landscape architect) to share nearly 100 public and private, humble and grand gardens of the island, along with interwoven narratives, poetry, history, and horticulture.

$75 from Proven Winners

Windcliff: Story of People, Plants, and Gardens

With stunning photography by Claire Takacs, this book by Daniel J Hinkley about his private garden will simply "wow" you across 280 pages. Not only will you take in the beauty of this thoughtfully crafted garden, but also enjoy his accounts about the plants filling the space (every plant has a story, you know), along with Dan's priceless gardening advice. A perfect book for all those who appreciate gardening.

$26 on Amazon

A Year at Brandywine Cottage: Six Seasons of Beauty, Bounty, and Blooms

David Culp knows gardens, and Rob Cardillo never disappoints with his garden photography, so you know this book something to look forward to! If you've been looking to be inspired by nature and everything your garden gives you, you'll be enriched to learn the tips and wisdom presented in this book.

$17 on Amazon

The New Gardener's Handbook: Grow a Beautiful & Bountiful Garden - Everything You Need to Know

This handy resource from Daryl Beyers, gardening expert and instructor at the New York Botanical Garden, will be something gardeners refer to again and again. From soil and mulching, to plant selection and watering tips, you'll feel confident in your garden and excited for what you can accomplish!

$19 on Amazon

Timber Press

Nature into Art: The Gardens of Wave Hill

Embracing not only classic, but also daring and innovative designs, Wave Hill is a world-renowned 28-acre pubic garden in the Bronx, New York. This book explores the beauty of the plants, flowers, and design with photographs by Ngoc Minh Ngo along with author Thomas Christopher's insights about the iconic garden overlooking the Hudson River.

$27 from Amazon

Timber Press

Deer-Resistant Design

For those with the common problem of deer eating their plants, this book has the answers! Karen Chapman explores intentional garden design solutions and plants to use (there are zones listed, so you know they'll work in your garden!), all while showcasing beautiful gardens across the country—each with its own story of trouble and triumph.

$16 from Amazon

St. Lynn's Press

The Right-Size Flower Garden

Do you know someone who is overwhelmed at the task of maintaining their garden? Help them enjoy gardening more with this book from gardener, writer, and teacher Kerry Ann Mendez. She shares simple design changes that make smarter use of space, along with tips on choosing the best low-maintenance plants for your garden.

$16 from Amazon

The Countryman Press

Gardentopia: Design Basics for Creating Beautiful Outdoor Spaces

Landscape and garden expert Jan Johnsen provides inspiration and instruction with over 100 unique techniques to transform humble gardens and yards into magical outdoor spaces. Her tips are illustrated, specific and easily applied. She suggests simple changes and design strategies that can have big impact, such as accenting curves and cascading trimming techniques. Over 100 color photos bring her book to life and help readers see just what is possible in their own yard or garden.

$16 from Amazon

Optimism Press

How to Make a Plant Love You

Houseplant expert and environmentalist Summer Rayne Oakes teaches how nurturing plants can reduce stress, lower blood pressure, and improve our overall health and well-being.

$11 from Amazon


The Art of Outdoor Living

Shrader has a talent for extending the indoors outside to create stylish and enjoyable outdoor spaces. In his first book, he shares twelve beautiful properties and shows how to connect the landscape with a livable ease that is not only for entertaining, but for relaxing as well. Photography is captured by Lisa Romerein.

$31 from Amazon

Harry N. Abrams

The Scentual Garden

Ken Druse offers a complete survey of fragrance in the garden, giving gardeners a vastly expanded palate of scents to explore and enjoy. Plus, the artful botanical images from Ellen Hoverkamp are beautiful to look at.

$42 from Amazon

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Proven Winners

Twist 'N Plant Gardening Auger

Save time and plant more with the Twist N Plant gardening auger! These high-quality augers are a great choice over using a trowel—especially where roots are involved. You'll be changing out garden beds left and right! Three sizes available: REGULAR (3" x 12"), JUMBO (5" x 15"), & EXTENDED (3" x 24").

Starting at $39 from Proven Winners

Fisher Blacksmithing

Handmade Garden Tools

Garden enthusiasts will surely feel the difference in these heirloom-quality tools handcrafted by blacksmith Tuli Fisher. Gift the whole set or start building their collection one tool at a time.

$261 from The Grommet


Tool Set

If you know someone who is looking to get into gardening (or if you know someone who you want to get into gardening!), this is a nice starter kit. It comes with 9 pieces: trowel shovel, rake hoe, weeder, spade, cultivator, pruning shears, spray bottle, and gloves—all in a handy storage caddy. All tools are rust resistant.

$30 from Amazon

Corona Tools

Forged Dual Cut Bypass Pruner

Corona Tools is known for making sturdy, functional tools that serve gardeners well. This pruner has a second curve within the hook of the blade that allows you to easily cut branches up to 2 inches in diameter. It also has an internal spring, so it shouldn’t get bumped loose as you’re reaching inside a tangled shrub. This is a solid midrange model for the weekend warrior who prunes for short periods of time.

$23 from Amazon

Josh Endres

Okatsune No. 103 Pruners/Secateurs

With no gearing, cushioning, or added leverage from the handle, these no-frills pruners by Niwaki rely on a sharp edge and hard steel to achieve crisp cuts—even on fibrous materials like bamboo. The latch can be slid open or closed on your hip, and the Japanese-style spring doesn’t fall off. In a nod to ergonomics, the blade has a slight angle downward. For those who appreciate simplicity and strong steel, this minimalist model is a satisfying choice.

$32 from Amazon

Meg Smith

Go-To Tool for Loosening Soil

Peter Jacobsen grows food for The French Laundry, a Michelin 3-star restaurant. The Meadow Creature Broadfork is his go-to tool for loosening soil without destroying its structure. “It works better than a hand rototiller and you get a nice workout,” he says. Under the bar are four 14-inch-long spikes; after driving the spikes into the soil, you use the handles to pull back on the tool, loosening the earth.

Starting at $207 from Meadow Creature

Green Heron Tools


The HERShovel was built to make the most of a woman’s stature and strength, but the company has also received positive feedback from men who have used the shovel. Its steel blade with extra-large step and its two-handed grip reduce shoulder and back strain while digging.

$69 from Green Heron Tools

TDI Brands

Serrated Farmer Dagger

With its thick, highly sharpened teeth and nearly unbreakable boron steel blade, this knife by Dewit could be as useful in a dark alley as it is in the garden. It’s incredibly sturdy; a hammer can be used on the flat top of the handle to drive the tip of the knife through hardpan or rocky soil. It can be used right- or left-handed. For gardeners working in hard soil, it’s indispensable.

$71 from Amazon

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