Purple Fountain Grass

Caring for tropical grasses in your garden

Yuletide Blooms

How to get a holiday cactus to bloom

No-Fail Fall Crops

The best crops to include in your fall vegetable garden

Orchids Not Blooming?

How to get orchids to rebloom

Planting Good Cheer

Is it worth it to replant a live Christmas tree after the holidays?

When to Divide Perennials

The best time of year to divide peonies and other perennials

Raised Vegetable Beds

Tips for designing and building raised vegetable beds

Getting Rid of Grub Worms Naturally

How to take get rid of grub worms without the use of pesticides.

Starting Seeds Under Fluorescent Lights

How to grow seeds under fluorescent light

Petunia Comeback

How to keep your petunias flowering

Vines For Arbors

The best vines for over a deck arbor

Container Gardening

Interesting flower ideas for container plantings

Neglected Grape Vines

Pruning and trellis-building tips for bringing neglected grape vines back to life

Container Flowers

Fertilizing tips for container flowers

Rose Woes

Dealing with black spot disease on tea roses

When a Tree is Too Close to Home

To remove a cedar tree or tear down a two-room house addition?

Squirrels Dining On Your Bulbs?

The best squirrel-proof perennials

Invasive Mulberry Tree

Is it time to replace your overgrown mulberry tree?

Pruning Climbing Roses

Pruning tips for climbing roses

Blue Fescue

How to care for blue fescue

Shady, Narrow Walkway

The best plants for around a shady walkway with narrow beds

Colonnade Apple Tree

Is a colonnade apple tree right for your garden?

Stinking Hellebores

Are stinking hellebore perennials worth the trouble?

Desert Hedges

The best hedges for desert climates

Winter Annuals

Planting annuals in mild winter climates

Getting Rid of Algae

How to get rid of algae in a water garden

Long Lasting Container Flowers

Tips for creating a long lasting, unusual and colorful container planting

Pruning Lavender

Get your lavender plants back into shape

Pruning a Crab Apple Tree

Is it okay to cut off the low branches of a crab apple tree?

Ornamental Grasses

The best ornamental grass and perennial combinations

Weedless Gravel Path

Keeping weeds away from a garden gravel path

Perennials from Seed

How to grow perennials from seed

Backdrop for Roses

The best plant companions for a bed of roses

Perennial Borders

Tips for designing and planting a large perennial border

Overgrown Yews

How to prune overgrown yews

Bishop's Weed

How to remove bishop's weed.

Bulb Remnants

What to do after bulbs have stopped blooming.

Gardening Advice: Low Creepers

The best low creepers for between stones in natural garden rock walks.

Gardening Advice: Post-Bulb Blahs

How to plant other flowers around bulbs without disturbing them

Gardening Advice: Quick Cover

The best climbing vines and roses for covering fences and trellises

Gardening Advice: Wisteria

How to grow wisteria and other vines up a wooden arbor

Gardening Advice: Barriers For Bamboo

Effective barriers for keeping bamboo inside your garden

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