Growing Succulent Strawberries

One of the most popular fruits grown by home gardeners, and for good reason. One of the easist fruits to grow, and they also pack a nutritional punch.

I Love This Plant: Wilson Lemon

A Wilson lemon tree is small, barely thorny, and contained in an easily moved pot, it’s the one citrus to have if you have only one.

Versatility of Espaliers

Providing interest and life to an otherwise dull visual space, espaliers can work in almost any garden type: big and small, formal and informal, grand and modest. In this article, Nick McCullough presents a list of recommended fruit-bearing and ornamental trees that work great as espaliers, tips and tricks for training them, and photographs that display their versatility.

A Fruit Revival: The Marshall Strawberry

The Marshall strawberry: A bit of horticulture history that would make a great gift! Once abundant in the Pacific Northwest and praised as "the finest eating strawberry in America," the Marshall strawberry is today very rare. Now an artist in Indiana has begun an effort to revive the berry, offering starter plants in hand-sewn containers.

Botanic Notables: The Fruit Salad Tree

A fan of grafting and citrus fruits, I've been pursuing the legendary Tree of Many Fruits for some time now, and have yet to find one. Now I could have one in my backyard. Like many of my favorite trees, it hails from Australia. James and Kerry West, farmers in New South Wales, have been cultivating "fruit salad trees," each of which produce several kinds of fruits.

Botanic Notables: The Latest Hybrid "Papple"

A new fruit hit markets in the U.K. this week. Round, red, sweet, and juicy, the hybrid fruit is described as a pear disguised as an apple. Until it receives an official name, the new fruit has been going by T109—or, to its friends, the "papple."

Botanic Notables: Purple-Leaf Plum Tree

The purple-leaf plum tree is blossoming, which means it's spring! It is a beautiful ornamental tree that bears edible fruits—perfect for summer foraging and winter preserves.

Gardening Advice: Colonnade Apple Tree

Is a colonnade apple tree right for your garden?

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