Articles in the Winter 2017 Issue

FreshHellebores strutting their stuff. Prune with ease. A plant with good structure and zesty blooms. Up the ante with permafeatures and tile. A garden pro’s favorites. Tasty and healthy microgreens. Foliage: the star of the show. The natural world on display. A container that pleases plants.
GrowingDazzling color and sophisticated textures that enliven the garden during the dormant season.
MakerThe unreal stonework of Lew French seems to defy the laws of time and gravity.
Ecology in the GardenTurn your garden into a smorgasbord for local birds.
Garden to PlateHow to savor the sharp flavors of two early spring crops: lovage and rhubarb.
Plant HunterMeet the enchanting family of trees that bursts to life in spring.
GroundbreakerBarbara Israel brings garden ornaments and statuary into vogue.
Aloha SpiritFrom dense jungle to tropical paradise: How a forgotten tract of ancient land on Hawai'i’s Big Island was restored.
Modern FarmerLittle farm? Check. Edible garden? Check. Meadow? Check. Ecologically sound? Check. This property meets the needs of its inhabitants and the environment.
Going NativeA restoration ecologist and homeowner join forces to turn an invasive-filled property into a native plant paradise.
Bold Beloved BeautiesCamellias have captivated gardeners for centuries, but new forms and cold-hardy versions have added pizzazz to this beloved genus. You’ll want to check out these 32 irresistible varieties.
Colorful Container CombinationsA guide to 10 powerful planting combinations that will fill your containers with color, charisma, and seasonal charm.
Lessons from LotuslandThis botanical treasure holds keys to creating a more creative, playful, and personal garden.
Artist & His CraftSee why landscape architect Craig Reynolds describes garden design as his “clay” and how he creates outdoor spaces that feel like artwork.
Houseplant ChutzpahLooking to add a little oomph to your home’s décor? There’s a houseplant for that. And it’ll clean your air, too.
Greenhouse 2.0Just one look at this greenhouse tells you why its owners use it for much more than just planting.

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