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Garden Design Magazine - Autumn 2018Sold OutIssue #204

In this issue:
Discover the perfect all-purpose fall plant that has late-season flowers and colorful foliage. Get tips from a garden designer who creates architecturally savvy gardens that harmonize with the landscape. Find out how you can fill your garden with blooming bulbs. Learn from a native plant expert who believes in designing gardens with regionally appropriate plants.
Garden Design Magazine - Summer 2018Sold OutIssue #203

In this issue:
See 15 gardens that will inspire you to create a vacation spot in your backyard. Find out why daylilies are as beautiful as they are tough, and see 22 varieties to try. Get ideas for gorgeous plant combinations for summer. Learn how a designer transformed her ho-hum backyard into a beautiful, low-maintenance retreat.
Garden Design Magazine - Spring 2018Sold OutIssue #202

In this issue:
Meet three gardeners who’ve embraced food growing as a way of life and get ideas for your own kitchen garden. Get 8 lessons from a landscape designer who beautifully marries horticulture and architecture. Take a close look at 30 varieties of rhododendrons-plants that awakens the spring garden with its big colorful flowers.
Garden Design Magazine - Winter 2018Sold OutIssue #201

In this issue:
Discover how a floral designer captures seasonal moments—and how you can, too. See how a sinkhole in Barbados was transformed into a garden oasis. Learn from four designers who share how they each created the backyard wonderland they always wanted. Find out how to plant your garden to improve the health of our ecosystem.
Garden Design Magazine - Autumn 2017Sold OutIssue #200

In this issue:
Find out how you can help restore the population of American trees. Learn how a family of plantsmen created a horticultural mecca in England that’s survived, evolved, and amazed for more than 70 years. Meet the woman working to save plants from extinction. See how to turn two late-season producers into culinary delights.
Garden Design Magazine - Summer 2017Sold OutIssue #199

In this issue:
Tour three Mediterranean landscapes that show the best in waterwise design. Learn from a design team who creates lush gardens on small suburban lots. Discover new varieties of hydrangeas and get tips for using and caring for them. Find out how one couple turned a bulldozed lot into a native desert retreat.
Garden Design Magazine - Spring 2017Sold OutIssue #198

In this issue:
Learn what you need to know about daffodils-from bulb to blossom. The owner of a flower farm shares how you can start your own cut-flower garden. Meet a horticultural rock star who has helped thousands of people succeed at gardening. Get the info you need to grow flowering branches and use them in arrangements.
Garden Design Magazine - Winter 2017Sold OutIssue #197

In this issue:
Get ideas for container gardens you can create in every season. See a garden that’s vibrant-even in the dormant season. Be inspired by elegant stonework and garden antiques. Find out how a neglected property was transformed into a lush retreat with a curator’s eye and a machete. Learn about more than 30 beautiful camellia varieties.
Garden Design Magazine - Autumn 2016Sold OutIssue #196

In this issue:
Japanese maples look glorious in all seasons, so find out which one is right for you; learn how to save seeds like a pro; discover 16 Aster varieties and see why this late bloomer takes center stage in the garden; learn how a bonsai master has put a bold twist on an ancient art form. Get insights from Doug Tallamy, Piet Oudolf, Jack Larsen, Ron Gass, and others.
Garden Design Magazine - Summer 2016Sold OutIssue #195

In this issue:
Discover Disneyland’s fantastic horticultural world; learn 9 ways to create a serene outdoor space; how David Austin married old roses with modern hybrid tea roses to create the now legendary English roses that are hardy, delicate, durable, and oh-so fragrant; meet the man who squeezes in 5 hours of gardening before his day job to maintain a gorgeous 35-acre property.
Garden Design Magazine - Spring 2016Sold OutIssue #194

In this issue:
Learn from designers, scientists, and advocates who show us a world where all life can flourish; meet the craftsmen who create some of the most beautiful, durable, terra cotta in the world; learn how to create a mini high-desert garden in less than 30 minutes; and get an in-depth and eye-catching lesson on ferns; and more (seriously; all of this isn’t even half of what’s in this issue!).
Garden Design Magazine - Early Spring 2016Sold OutIssue #193

In this issue:
Tips from America’s most inspiring garden; 12 scene-stealing gates; find out how an expert plantsman and designer takes care of plants; a guide to 13 container gardens; learn how to grow food like the chefs at the French Laundry. Insights from David L. Culp, Brandon Tyson, Roy Diblik, and others.
Garden Design Magazine - Autumn 2015Sold OutIssue #192

In this issue:
A plant hunter’s handcrafted garden, a voluptuous, dynamic garden border In New York that shines in autumn; three landscape architects on how to garden when things are dry; 13 fire pits designed with seating and togetherness in mind. Insights from Piet Oudolf, Oehme van Sweden, Dan Hinkley, Jonathan Alderson, and others.
Garden Design Magazine - Summer 2015Sold OutIssue #191

In this issue:
Fourteen bee- and butterfly-attracting coneflowers; nine outdoor retreats; questions and answers about drought; great gardens in Washington, Texas, and Delaware; the “bad boy” of American horticulture; design insights from Luciano Giubbeilei, Tres Fromme, and others.
Garden Design Magazine - Spring 2015Sold OutIssue #190

In this issue:
Nine Undervalued Vines; From Garden to Cookbook; It’s Getting Hot in Here; Great Gardens in Pennsylvania, Massachusetts, Oregon, California, and More; The Great Dixter; Thoughts on Design from Pamela Palmer, Gary W. Smith, Julie Moir Messervy, and others.
Garden Design Magazine - Early Spring 2015Sold OutIssue #189

In this issue:
51 Hottest of the Hot Plants; Hybrid Hellebores; A Superstar Succulent; Restoring Biodiversity; Creating a White Garden; Design Insights from Brandon Tyson, Mikyoung Kim, Rob Steiner, and others.
Garden Design Magazine - Autumn 2014Sold OutIssue #188

In this issue:
The Most Beautiful Season; 18 Stunning Bulbs; In Your Zone: What to Grow, Where to Go; Cool Designers: Steve Martino, Richard Hartlage, Chris Jacobson, Kim Wilkie and others.
Garden Design Magazine - Summer 2014Sold OutIssue #187

In this issue:
12 Plants for Your Midsummer Garden; Top Designers on Creating Inspired Backyards; and more.

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