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See three new roses from David Austin Roses that are sure to delight gardeners in Zones 5 through 9 in the Spring 2018 issue of Garden Design. Photo by David Austin Roses.
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Todd Holloway of Pot Incorporated designs sleek, modern planters that set off his dramatic plant combinations. Like a frame around a painting, Holloway’s planters complement what’s in them. Learn how he began creating pots and get his tips for planting a well-designed container in the Spring 2018 issue of Garden Design. Photo by Todd Holloway.
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Rhododendron ‘English Roseum’ (far right, purple) is touted for its high tolerance of sun, cold, and humidity. It produces dome-shaped clusters of 8 to 10 lilac-rose flowers. Its glossy leaves reach 6 inches long. This dense shrub grows to about 6 feet tall and wide and does well in Zones 4-8. See 29 more rhododendron varieties in the Spring 2018 issue of Garden Design. Photo by Roger Foley.
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Exotic-looking passionflowers bring flowers, fragrance, fruit, and butterflies to the garden. See 17 stunning varieties in the Spring 2018 issue of Garden Design. Photo by Ngoc Minh Ngo.
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“Once you taste a carrot freshly pulled from the soil or a pepper twisted off a green stem, there is no turning back.” Says author and gardener Ellen Ecker Ogden of edible gardening. Ogden designed two beautiful edible garden plans (with suggested plants and everything) for Garden Design readers. See both of them in the Spring 2018 issue of Garden Design. Illustration by Irene Laschi.
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See how one landscape architect blurred the lines between inside and out at his Virginia retreat, far from the crowds in the Spring 2018 issue of Garden Design. Photo by Roger Foley.
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Our butterflies need more than plants for nectar—they must have larval host plants to survive. Learn what entomologist Doug Tallamy suggests you can do to help the butterflies in your garden in our Spring 2018 issue of Garden Design. No photo credit needed.
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Echinacea purpurea ‘Fatal Attraction’ is one of eight deer-resistant U.S.-native plants that are part of the meadow garden designed by Piet Oudolf at the Delaware Botanic Gardens. See more of this garden (and learn how a group of garden- and nature-lovers got Oudolf to design the new garden’s meadow!) in the Spring 2018 issue of Garden Design. Photo by Steffen Hauser botanikfoto Alamy.
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A design team transformed an expansive lawn into a meandering wonderland of paths and outdoor rooms for play and healing. See more of this garden and learn how it was created in the Spring 2018 issue of Garden Design. Photo by Claire Takacs.
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Rhododendrons awaken the spring garden with an assortment of colors that range from creamy white to deep maroon. See 30 beautiful varieties in the Spring 2018 issue of Garden Design. Photo by Georgianna Lane.
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What successful clubs are doing:

After our monthly garden club meeting, I sent an e-mail message to ALL members about the magazine and ordering details that I received from you.
—Lincoln County Garden Club

We have been promoting it on our FB feed and with a press release.
—Garden Club of Long Valley

I sent out the link with your explanation of how it benefits our club to subscribe. Then before the raffle, I presented the website link again with a recap of your words.
—Hasentree Garden Club

I promoted it at our general meeting when I was behind the podium. I also had your flyers available on the table when the folks walked in along with a couple of the magazines so folks could look through the magazine. I also wrote an article for our monthly newsletter and included the picture that you sent.
—Southwestern Indiana Master Gardener Association

I passed the magazine and fliers around while reading the positive points in subscribing to the publication.
—Home Garden Club

I sent the info via email, and the ½ sheet you sent me was put in our newsletter.
—McHenry County Extension Master Gardeners

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