From our garden to yours, we share inspiration from around the world for gardens big and small.
This modern roof terrace in Italy is an oasis of relaxation designed by landscape architect Gabriella Mazzola
Now that it is past the autumnal equinox we begin to think of coziness and warmth as the days begin to get shorter and cooler.
From a “forest floor” to the canopy of trees, this secret outdoor room provides deep shades of green
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Textile designer Jack Lenor Larsen brings an eclectic sensibility to his lush public garden in the Hamptons.
Otahuna's formal Dutch Garden, which takes its name from its windmill-shaped plan, is one of many landscape delights at the luxury lodge.
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Visitors to the Poison Garden at Alnwick Castle are greeted with a big black gate that warns "These Plants May Kill." Lurking beyond the miasmatic fog is a collection of over 100 botanic assassins & intoxicants that include the legendary deadly nightshade, strychnine, and mandrake, as well as ubiquitous garden plants like foxglove, datura, and laburnum.
Want to know when your favorite produce is in season? Designer and chef Russell van Kraayenburg illustrated a series of infographic posters that will help.

Watering tips, tropical plants in Switzerland, apps to combat food waste, and more in today’s Links We Love!


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A new garden—his own—marks the next step in Piet Oudolf's constantly evolving creative journey. 
A Victorian-era menagerie still grows today, at an historic country estate in Portsmouth, Rhode Island. With its century-old living sculptures, Green Animals Garden is the oldest topiary garden in the United States. 
German artist Regine Ramseier's "Wunderkammer" installation with 2,000 seed heads suspended from a ceiling leaves viewers wondering: Is that where the dreams go when I wish upon a dandelion? 
An amazing play structure, incredible robots, and an updated version of the Wooly Planter in this week's Links We Love. 
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Don't let the bugs of spring and summer get you down! Invite these 6 plants into your garden for not only their colorful and fragrant display, but also their ability to keep those uninvited mosquitos out.  
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