Get an intimate look at plant hunter Daniel J. Hinkley’s personal six-and-a-half acre garden in Washington.   
Commonly called air plants, tillandsias offer a jewel-like array of foliage and flowers, creating fascinating, symmetrical swirls & spikes of leaves.
Scott Shrader is known for gardens tailor-made for life outside. Check out his personal outdoor space and other designs. 

The Weekly Notebook

Container Gardens Made for the Shade We all seem to have that dark corner of our garden or porch that looks uninviting, cold, and in major need of color. Have no fear—Janet Loughrey offers solutions for livening up that shady area, including insights into the best plant combinations that will thrive in low light. Read More »
Botanical Interests Introduces Eco-Friendly Garden Products If you’ve been looking for eco-friendly solutions for your gardening tasks, look no further! Botanical Interests recently launched four new products including recycled paperboard pots perfect for seedlings. Read More »
My Garden: Natural-Style Pool Blends Seamlessly with the Landscape A thoughtful arrangement of trees, plants, and boulders creates a pool that mirrors its environment. Designed by landscape designer Nick Williams of Nick Williams & Associates, this poolscape is full of detail and visual interest.  Read More »
Focus On Containers Looking for the perfect pop of color to draw your eye and enhance your mood in the garden? Create a stunning focal point by including a container—a central subject that can lend continuity throughout the seasons as plants go in and out of bloom.  Read More »
I Love This Plant
Witch Hazel Witch hazel, which blooms in the middle of winter, is a natural remedy for the wintertime blues. With flowers that resemble delicate bits of yellow, copper, or red ribbon, witch hazel is not only a burst of color, but can also produce a delicious and powerful fragrance in the icy air. Plus: We list six of our favorite witch hazel varieties. Read More »
How to Design a Window Garden If you enjoy the company of houseplants, consider cultivating a window garden, which is ideal for showing off plants in the winter. Creating a window garden is easy—you need only to extend the existing sill, and then mount, on the window frame, glass shelves, brackets (if you want them), and lengths of wire (for training vines). In my window garden, I paint horticultural portraits to emphasize the seasons. In this slide show, I'll show you the many different window gardens I've created in my ... Read More »
Frost Flowers Frost flowers form when when sap in the stem of a plant expands, casting long, thin cracks along the length of the stem. Read More »
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Tips for a Kitchen Garden Award-winning international garden designer Arne Maynard shares six tips for getting a kitchen garden started. Read More »
Winter Planning While your garden lay asleep for the winter, take a step back and spend some time on planning you garden. Landscape designers in Los Angeles, Connecticut, and Chicago share helpful insights on what you can do now to enjoy your garden this summer. Read More »
What’s Hot: Gardening Trends for 2015 Top gardening professional share the trends in gardening for 2015, including edible gardens, Cor-Ten steel, and native plantings.  Read More »
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