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Spectacular greenhouses and an authentic six-acre Victorian walled garden are just some of the sights that you can still visit today as examples of Victorian gardening.
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Tap your inner Victorian and experience the era at these global destinations
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The dual passion for the novel and the natural that shaped gardens in the 19th century is gaining ground again in the 21st
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Four inspired planting ideas show the versatility of this classical garden fixture
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We visit gardens (and gardeners) in New Jersey, Pennsylvania, New York, and Connecticut with greenhouses, terrariums, plants, and ideas that were first made popular in the Victorian era.
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Heather Lenkin took an old driveway behind one of the earliest farmhouses in the Los Angeles area and transformed it into a Victorian-inspired outdoor living area. Click here to read the full story.
Victorian horticulturalists were quite interested in scrapbooking and gardening and their two interests were combined in the ephemera of seed company trading cards, some of which can still be found (and collected) today. With funny illustrations and silly advertising mottoes, these seed company trading cards are a peek into the gardens of the past.
Traveling to the United Kingdom? Be sure to stop at these garden stores and nurseries. 
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