Paula Hayes at Lever House

January 18, 2012
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A living carpet of plant life surrounds the oversize centerpiece of the exhibit, Aquarium, which is filled with coral and bright tropical fish. 

Ladyslipper Terrarium, The Wardian Case Collection

September 14, 2011
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I am obsessed with terrariums and have created miniature mossy worlds in mason jars, Darwinian dioramas of weird carnivorous plants, and topographic landscapes in fish aquariums. I’ve made them with lids on and lids off, but what I had never done was craft a large-scale, stand-alone piece. Friends at Atlas Industries, a design firm in Brooklyn, New York, collaborated with me to create a terrarium that was both strong and precarious in look.

Botanic Superlatives: The First Terrarium

June 24, 2011
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I once visited a terrarium designer in the downtown commercial district of Los Angeles. It was an airy loft space, where glass cases were stacked as high as the ceiling, pencil sketches covered the walls, and young orchids grew alongside bookmarked horticulture books. Reptiles and ferns rustled in a dark back room. Dust and debris floated through the large windows from the bustling open air market two floors below.

Links We Love, 2/14/2012

February 14, 2008
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- Until February 19, Klara Lidén's art exhibit "Pretty Vacant" (above) is on display at Reena Spauldings Fine Art Gallery in New York. The artwork is made up of a room filled with discarded Christmas trees. [artnet.com]