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Don’t leave the garden before the encore of summer has the chance to bloom. From the cheerful willow-leaved sunflower to the striking toad lily, we have 10 garden show-stoppers who may be late, but are definitely worth the wait.
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A weekend home in the high desert of central Oregon can only be reached by means of an old lifeboat! PLUS: New, web-only photos!
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A weed-covered lot in Southern California, owned by Caltrans, is completely redone by a couple who live adjacent to the garden, complete with native varieties, a citrus grove, and hundreds of new plants, creating a Mediterranean idyll.
Four shade-friendly plants that thrive in Los Angeles and that add color and texture to the garden.
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Gartenkultur of Italy transforms books into witty and whimsical planters, using hardback and paperback volumes to create an array of unusual planters.
Among the valleys and foothills in Israel's Negev desert is a plant that can water itself, in a manner of speaking. The desert rhubarb (Rheum palaestinum) is the only known desert-dwelling species to have evolved a self-irrigating mechanism.  
Recent discoveries show that plant roots do much more than carry food and water upward; our notes from the underground talk about the latest discoveries in root science and discoveries. Or as Michele Owens writes "plant roots are arguably the Huffington Posts of the [plant] realm—aggregating the players, reacting to the news, and shaping the conversation to benefit themselves."
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Reuse your plastic bottle caps as planters—yep, it's the crazy plant trend of the day.
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