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Garden design is pushing the boundaries of the hedge and its role in the modern-day garden. 
Thierry Boutemy creates huge cherry tree branch arches for the front of New York City's Zara flagship (above), Cornell's corpse plant gets a live cam, a pollination video, how to grow carrots, and an entire episode of The Story is dedicated to botanical news.
A 385 million-year old forest, the world's oldest, was recently excavated in an upstate New York quarry.
Images of Dutch artist Fedor Van der Valk's string gardens, featuring plants in bloom from throughout the year.
These six unique varieties of pelargoniums are quite rare and mysterious—and worth tracking down. 
An intrepid naturalist and botanic illustrator, Mary Vaux Walcott explored the Rocky Mountains to paint its wildflowers. 
Crazy bonsai architecture, an Arctic flower blooms again (after 32,000 years), a new record for a snowdrop bulb (more than $1,145!), and NPR's interview about the Iraqi Seed Project.
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Photographer Lori Nix builds a post-apocalyptic city, in which human inhabitants have retreated, and nature has begun to creep in. We ask the artist about the plants that are reclaiming these transformed urban spaces.
Jonathan Singer's botanic photographs are collected in the large-format book Botanica Magnifica. Shot on a Hasselblad in low light, the pictures recall the detail of early plant engravings, and the dramatic style of Old Master paintings.
Take a look at our slide show of Jonathan Singer's botanic photographs, collected in his book, Botanica Magnifica. The photographs feature rare plant specimens shot on a Hasselblad camera.
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