From Dull to Distinctive

April 01, 2014
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Witch Hazel: A Tonic for Body and Soul

February 05, 2014
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Photo by Janet Loughrey

The months between Christmas and spring stretch interminably for ardent gardeners, who grow restless for any sign of life in the landscape. While most plants lie in dormant slumber, the long, slender branches of witch hazel burst into bloom with ribbon-like petals of yellow, orange or red. The delicately fragrant flowers give renewed hope that spring is not far away.

Working with Nature to Reinvent a Front Yard

February 04, 2014
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“Old school” is how Michael Farndale described the look of his nondescript front yard in Bothell, Wash., before he began transfroming it three years ago. After having it professionally hardscaped with walkways, stepping stones and rockscapes, he set out on his own to create a glorious Zen-like garden populated with plants native to the Pacific Northwest.

Jack Frost: Master Gardener

January 22, 2014
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An early frost coats each blade of grass and every twig in this silvery landscape. Photo by Jerry Harpur.

Plant Pointers: How Not to Error with Your Air Plant

January 20, 2014
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Photo: Potted

How to Photograph Plants in Winter

December 23, 2013
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Capturing a garden’s vitality through a camera’s lens can pose a challenge — trying to do so in winter is even harder. Photographer Karen Bell has led seasonal photography workshops at the Brooklyn Botanical Garden since 2005. Here, she offers a few tips for creating compelling outdoor images. 

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