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If you were inspired by Paul Keyes' post yesterday, consider signing up for one of their new tours that focuses on the landscape and the gardens around the Glass House.
A thoughtful collaboration between Stahl Architects and Land Elements produces a landscape that celebrates old and new, in Fargo, North Dakota.  
Discover why parrot tulips are great for adding an early spring display to minimalist gardens.
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Four mid-century modern planters add a Mad Men touch to any garden.
Traditional materials used for jazzing up the season have a long history, but floral designer David Winston offers his own take on these popular holiday plants.
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South of the famous Ipanema Beaches, set among Rio's hills in the town of Laranjeiras, this garden is a private party enclave
Located in Bangkok, Thailand
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Landscape architect Christopher Yates makes a small space behind this San Francisco townhouse go a long way
Mid-century modern furniture highlights this traditional garden in Connecticut
Europe's most revered and mimicked botanical sculptors
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