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A garden in Patagonia, Arizona, takes the Southwest climate in stride
The sixth installment of Dwell on Design, the Los Angeles showcase of modern, sustainable ideas, featured a wide range of stylish, practical green goods, some quietly cutting-edge, others wonderfully wild. 
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Some 20 years ago I had the chance of a lifetime to meet Roberto Burle Marx in Louisville, Kentucky. Late in his six-decade career (he died in 1994), he was there to discuss designing a botanic garden that never would come to fruition. I was a student of horticulture and had no real idea who he was or the magnitude of his importance to landscape architecture. He was gracious and solicitous of my studies and interests—and even invited me to visit him in Brazil. Too bad I never took advantage of that invitation.
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If you were inspired by Paul Keyes' post yesterday, consider signing up for one of their new tours that focuses on the landscape and the gardens around the Glass House.
A thoughtful collaboration between Stahl Architects and Land Elements produces a landscape that celebrates old and new, in Fargo, North Dakota.  
Discover why parrot tulips are great for adding an early spring display to minimalist gardens.
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Four mid-century modern planters add a Mad Men touch to any garden.
Traditional materials used for jazzing up the season have a long history, but floral designer David Winston offers his own take on these popular holiday plants.
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South of the famous Ipanema Beaches, set among Rio's hills in the town of Laranjeiras, this garden is a private party enclave
Located in Bangkok, Thailand
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