Growing edibles

Photo by: Lynn Karlin

When I was young, hunting mushrooms was a family affair. We are Italian, so wild-food collection is in our genes. And I loved it: the treks through the cool woods, the moment the pattern of camouflaged mushrooms emerged and they suddenly appeared everywhere. It felt wondrous when a mushroom popped up where there wasn’t one the day before — a tendency of mushrooms that lends them an aura of mystery. But, scientifically, it’s all pretty straightforward. Mushrooms are the reproductive structures, the fruiting bodies, of fungi.

This article was first published in Garden Design Winter 2012

Growing Salad in Outer Space

June 08, 2011
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A Japanese astronaut, a Russian astronaut, and an American astronaut blasted into space today (no, not the beginning of a joke) and they are planning on growing space! Satoshi Furukawa (pictured) is going to grow cucumbers and his fellow astronaut, Sergei Volkov, will be growing tomatoes, to test the effect of growing plants in a gravity-free environment.

Going to Seed

March 22, 2011
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Are you interested in growing lettuce in your garden, after reading our great article about Spring Greens, flipping through the gorgeous Greens Glossary, and learning how to grow your own ingredients in Step-by-Step: Growing Salad Greens? Here are five of our favorite catalogs for lettuce seeds:

The Best Sources for Buying Seeds

January 03, 2011
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Can you recommend some good sources for buying seeds and offer some tips for starting plants from seed? 

—Julia Tomer, Pittsburgh 

Ripe, Nigel Slater's New Cookbook

June 08, 2010
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Nigel Slater Ripe
 Photo by Jonathan Lovekin.