Stepstone, Inc.

Stepstone, Inc.

January 6, 2011
January 06, 2011
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For more than 35 years Stepstone, Inc. has produced elegant, handmade, precast concrete products. Stepstone works closely with landscape architects to make products that fulfill their design requirements.

Products & Services

Easy-to-install hardscape elements that complete projects with the just the right look.

- CalArc Pavers: Available in 21 different sizes, a wide range of standard and custom colors, and four standard finshes. CalArc pavers can be used on grade or elevated on pedestals to create a roof deck.                             
- Narrow Modular Pavers: The long, narrow paver that pioneered what some have called "the new brick."
- Veranostone Wall Cap
- Garden Steps and Pool Coping


Where to Buy
Sold directly across the country. Dealer network in Southern and Northern California.

Contact Information; (310) 327-7474