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Barlow Tyrie

March 6, 2011
March 06, 2011
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Barlow Tyrie products are made with one of the most cherished luxuries of today's lifestyle in mind—to have the time to truly relax in a comfortable setting. Be it poolside, on the patio, deck or in the garden, Barlow Tyrie’s dedication to design and function offers a level of product that will enhance those moments.

Products & Services
Barlow Tyrie has been manufacturing teak outdoor furnishings since 1920, establishing itself as a brand synonymous with quality and longevity. Barlow Tyrie's extensive range of products includes dozens of dining table choices and a vast selection of seating and lounging products and accessories, such as serving tables and refreshment chests. See photo gallery.

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View our interactive catalog or visit us online. 

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