Landslide 2012: Call for Entries

Landslide 2012: Call for Entries

April 24, 2012

This year, GARDEN DESIGN is once again an educational partner with Landslide, the Cultural Landscape Foundation's annual thematic compendium of threatened and at-risk landscape. Landslide started in 2003 and has spotlighted more than 150 at-risk parks, gardens, horticultural features, and working landscapes.

In 2012, Landslide will focus on visionary patrons and organizations and the sites they helped create. The chosen landscapes will be featured on the Cultural Landscape Foundation's website,, and will be highlighted through web features, traveling exhibits, and print publications. These resources help educate the public about these endangered landscapes, as well as rallying support at the local, state, and national levels to saving these landscapes. 

In past years, landscapes that have been highlighted by Landslide have been lost, remain at risk, or in the best outcome, saved. Two of the saved landscapes include the Santa Barbara Botanic Garden (top), which was featured in 2009 and saved in 2011, and Dan Kiley's Miller Garden, (which we featured in our May/June 2011 issue), which was chosen as part of Landslide 2008: Marvels of Modernism

The deadline for nominating a landscape is May 31, 2012. It's free to nominate a site, but you will have to register with TCIF's website in order to nominate a landscape. If you are aware of any landscapes with visionary patrons and/or organizations that are at-risk, please consider submitting a nomination to this year's Landslide.

The Cultural Landscape Foundation's Landslide website