Garden Design
Calimesa, CA

Gardens of Roberto Burle Marx

Washington landscape designer Richard Hartlage makes a pilgrimage to Brazil to get a firsthand view of the gardens and public spaces designed by modernist landscape architect Roberto Burle Marx

Sao Paulo, Brazil Gardens
Garden Design
Calimesa, CA

Innovative Landscapes in São Paulo

South America's largest city, São Paulo has evolved into a hotbed for some of the most innovative landscape designs in the country - and the world

Leo Laniado
Garden Design
Calimesa, CA

Leo Laniado's Sao Paulo Garden: A Contemporary Brazilian Masterpiece

The check and balance between objects resonates throughout a stunning São Paulo garden

Pratti Rio Garden 
Paulo Pratti
São Paulo,

A Pool by Jungle & Sea

South of the famous Ipanema Beaches, set among Rio's hills in the town of Laranjeiras, this garden is a private party enclave

"Dream Team's" Portland Garden
Ana Maria Vieira Santos
São Paulo, Brazil

Ana Maria Vieira Santos's São Paulo Outdoor Room

Perched between forest and the sea, a noted tastemaker in Brazil finds solitude and serenity in her elegant weekend home

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