Inspiration Point: Philip Johnson's Glass House

June 19, 2013
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A view of Philip Johnson's Glass House, in New Canaan, Connecticut.

The Barnes Foundation's New Look

February 22, 2013
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Esteemed landscape architect Laurie Olin, whose studio creates outdoor spaces throughout the world, has done some of his finest work in his home base of Philadelphia. His latest at-home project is the garden at the “new” Barnes Foundation, an art and horticulture institution that was recently moved from its original property in Merion, PA to its current site in downtown Philadelphia. I wondered:  Would it be a compact version of the twelve-acre arboretum at the original property, or its own fresh expression of urban landscaping.

Old Trees & New Growth in Sequoia National Forest

January 31, 2013
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Enzo Enea's Tree Museum

September 12, 2012
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Some collect art or rare books, others vintage cars. But for Swiss landscape architect Enzo Enea, trees are the stuff of a great collection. The transformation of spring buds to lush blossoms or deep greens to fiery reds is a nearly magical event that rivals the making of a masterpiece, after all. So, just as the Mona Lisa has the Louvre, Enea’s trove of 120-some trees has the Tree Museum, which he founded in 2010 on the shore of Lake Zurich in Rapperswil-Jona, Switzerland. 

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