We teach you how to grow and care for your dream garden, and how to decorate with plants.
Instructions for how to install a basic garden path.
Possibilities for creating a tiny building with big impact
Unfurling the mystery of ferns.
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The Toronto-based floral designer draws inspiration from nature as well as high fashion
A step-by-step floral arrangement from Toronto-based designer Bruno Duarte 
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ASLA member, Courtney McRickard's tips on landscape design in mountainous regions
The expert's guide on container choice, plant selection and maintenance of your garden-in-a-jar.
Recommendations on buying a greenhouse or conservatory of your own.
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Tips for achieving a cohesive design with annuals. 
Selecting the right container for spring-blooming bulbs.
Moss creeps westward, from traditional-style Japanese gardens into our own backyards
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