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Of all the root vegetables I grow, it is the potatoes that give me the biggest thrill at harvest time.  I love to stick my hands in the soil and retrieve the buried bounty, with a yield of eight to ten potatoes for every one that I plant.
Changing the way America gardens, one lawn at a time: Nursery sources in 24 states
How to detect and report any plants or pests you suspect might carry invasive diseases
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W. Atlee Burpee & Co. launches I Can Grow, a national program to support a new, popular interest in home vegetable gardening among younger and novice gardeners. 
Learn more about entering your project
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Our slide show is all about how to grow rose-scented geraniums in the winter and in the summer, indoors and out; how to propagate cuttings into new plants; and how to use the fragrant leaves in cocktail and dessert recipes. Plus: How to perfume your bath with the leaves!
Grasses guru John Greenlee and landscape architect Ron Herman join forces at a Mediterranean-style estate in California
The Toronto-based floral designer draws inspiration from nature as well as high fashion
A step-by-step floral arrangement from Toronto-based designer Bruno Duarte 
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