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Bring fresh style to your garden by using planters as design features
Possibilities for creating a tiny building with big impact
Potatoes are easy to grow and they yield a magnificent bounty.
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Despite the insane heat, Katie Mendelson had a hankering for something more substantial this week and turned to Phaidon's Vegetables from an Italian Garden for a recipe. The result? Some delicious eggplant balls. It's a vegetarian take on meatballs and perfect for anyone whose eggplants are ready to be harvested in this heat.
In our latest column from Marigold and Mint, Katherine Anderson shows how to plant and harvest sweet peas (including how to create a lattice wall) and how to arrange these delicate flowers into sassy summer centerpieces.
Four shade-friendly plants that thrive in Los Angeles and that add color and texture to the garden.
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Who is going to look after your garden while you are on vacation? Our tips for how to keep your garden in capable hands, while you're away.
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Katherine Anderson, our flower columnist, goes to Paris, and comes back with lots of design inspiration. Here, she shows some photos from her trip and shows us how to make a beautifully layered flower arrangement, inspired by her Parisian sojourn.
We review Rebecca Burgess's new book Harvesting Color, a guide to making your own dyes from plants for yarn and fabrics.
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The artful pruning known as topiary has captured imaginations for centuries
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The radio has become fertile ground for gardeners looking to expand their knowledge. Here’s a list of the shows we're listening to.


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Dutch garden designer Jacqueline van der Kloet knows—and shows—how to mix it up
Anna Laurent gives step-by-step instructions for how to turn found wood into a magnificent floor lamp that's easy, inexpensive, and super stylish.
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