We teach you how to grow and care for your dream garden, and how to decorate with plants.
Bring fresh style to your garden by using planters as design features
Possibilities for creating a tiny building with big impact
Potatoes are easy to grow and they yield a magnificent bounty.
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Rob Plattel, one of Holland's most progressive floral designers, doesn't do weddings and doesn't own a flower shop. Here's his take on a new direction of floral design. 
Easy, organic ways to keep pests away from your plants, from tea sprays to companion plants. 
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The term “soft succulents" covers a broad range of succulents that are typically very drought tolerant but less tolerant of cold temperatures than “hardy” succulents. Our nursery's testing has demonstrated many, but not all, can tolerate temperatures slightly below freezing.
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It's easy to fool Mother Nature in these early days of spring—we teach you how to trick the branches of flowering trees and shrubs into blooming early in just four easy steps.
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Here's our roundup of all things Easter related.
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Mulch: The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly. We discuss it all.


In New York City, the backyard of a beloved culinary shrine gets a much needed face-lift from GARDEN DESIGN and partners—we share what we learned about renovating a garden with ten useful tips.
Pick your own holiday centerpiece: We've put together DIY guides to five very different floral arrangements for your holiday table. There's one for every taste: modern, traditional, hipster, and dramatic.
A mix of fruits, herbs, and camellias make for a dramatic pedestal vase arrangement, perfect for a formal holiday meal.
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