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The majestic Agave ‘Sharkskin’ is a spectacular plant, either by itself as a striking accent or focal point, or planted en masse on a hillside.
If you’ve been looking for eco-friendly solutions for your gardening tasks, look no further! Botanical Interests recently launched four new products including recycled paperboard pots perfect for seedlings.
When it comes to conifers, the delight is in the details. 
As winter rushes in with falling leaves and cooler temperatures, a new landscape emerges with subtle hues and grey skies. In Central Ohio, Nick McCullough, owner of Red Twig Farms, creates spectacular varieties of container arrangements using the season’s finest greenery and twigs.
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SeedWise has created an online marketplace to bring together local, organic farmers with the ever-growing population of gardeners looking to grow non-GMO edible gardens.
If the thought of approaching winter has you down about your garden, let houseplants come to the rescue! Tovah Martin, author of The Unexpected Houseplant, offers some great advice on how to make your windowsills shine all the way through spring.
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Planning your spring garden? For what they lack in height, compact Dahlias make up for it with color and beauty. Perfect for beds and borders, Longfield Gardens offers a variety to brighten up your garden from spring to fall.
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Growing your own vegetables in your garden doesn’t mean you have to sacrifice design. Author Niki Jabbour explores how to grow an edible garden without sacrificing garden aesthetics in her new book Groundbreaking Food Gardens.
Color, texture, and height—three things to make a statement in the garden. Nick McCullough guides us through experimenting with these three characteristics and the plants used to achieve unexpected and tasteful container garden combinations including drought-tolerant picks.
In celebration of Earth Day, we’re recycling our favorite articles on water-wise garden design. This collection of eco-friendly articles includes information about plants that are drought-tolerant yet still add color and texture to the garden, and ideas for arranging environmentally-conscious plants into your design. 
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