Growing Proteas in Your Garden

Aug 13, 2011
San Diego Horticultural Society
Surfside Race Place, Del Mar Fairgrounds, Del Mar, CA 92014
(760) 295-7089
Founding Director of the California Protea Association, Ben Gill will speak to us about the magnificent members of the proteaceae family, which traces its lineage back some 300 million years, and still provides among the most stunning plants and cutting flowers in gardens today. Ben will talk about some of the over 1,400 varieties in this family including those from Australia such as banksia, grevillea, hakea and isopogon, as well as South African leucadendrons, leucospermums and proteas. He will discuss how to grow proteas including location, soil preparation, variety selection, irrigation, fertilization and mulching, shaping, pruning and harvesting. Along the way, Ben will share with us some observations and experiences accumulated through his extensive international projects and travels.