Art in The Garden at Painswick

Art in The Garden at Painswick

August 9, 2010


Over the weekend I have been invited to a Preview Evening of a Garden Art Exhibition held at the Painswick Rococo Garden.  The garden is set in a hidden Cotswold valley and was created in the 1740's during the fleetingly fashionable 'Rococo' period.  The garden does not disappoint in its flamboyance and exuberant style but we, members of England's gardening media and myself, had been invited to preview over 30 pieces of art set throughout the 6 acres of the Garden.

In the woods we saw giant bronze foxes along with huge glass leaves before finding a hoola-hooping life size hare in the Maze.  Suspended along the beech walk where the most intricately made wire sculptures of acrobatic people with two more pieces, one of a huddled person and another reclining, were placed on stone plinths in a wonderful building called the Gothic Alcove.  Along the side of the lake an installation of 100 wrought iron bullrushes had been set out and on the other side a host of brilliant pink flamingo's.


Other pieces included giant cherries and floating ceramic leaves. We were also caught on film by the BBC who were filming the event for an english programme called 'Country Tracks'.  The evening was finished off with an invitation to make suggestions for part of next years Art in The Garden.  This invitation was to suggest people from history whom we considered worthy of turning into a stone bust to grace the garden during the event.  Our suggestions ranged from former British Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher, to Hollywood Legend Marlene Dietrich.  Further suggestions can be emailed to the Rococo Garden via their website and I really think this will be huge fun.


So if you are visiting the Cotswolds during August or know someone who is, it might be well worth directing them to this rather special garden.