Your Garden Expertise Needed!!


Your Garden Expertise Needed!!

December 20, 2010
Photo by: Just Another Wrench CC License

photo: Just Another Wrench CC License

Calling all gardeners! We need your expertise and authentic gardening experience. Send answers to any of your fellow readers' questions below to Your wit, whimsy, and advice will be considered for publication in our next issue. Have a question of your own? Send it to as well. 

Have an answer? We'd love to hear it:

  • I thought I was cool enough for a carnivorous plant.
  • I bought a Venus Flytrap, but now it’s dead. What did I do wrong?
  • Are indoor plants susceptible to the same diseases outdoor plants are?
  • What is the best plant for me to grow with my kid?
  • I want to start an herb garden. What do I need to know? Where is the best place to put an herb garden?
  • What are some pet-friendly, homemade weed killers?