Reed-Bed Water Filtration

Reed-Bed Water Filtration

December 21, 2010
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Your loyal correspondent, after filing last week's post about the British Royal Gardens, got another dose of royal info when she watched the Brian Williams interview with Prince Charles on Friday, and the subsequent program, Harmony, Prince Charles's ecological documentary. Something that His Royal Highness mentioned several times was his use of a reed bed for water filtration, a system that is also used in the Queen's gardens.

I did a little internet research and I pulled up everything from DIY instructions to a video about how an organic dairy in Ireland uses reed beds to filter the gray waste water. Reed beds, I discovered, are a green and thoughtful way to incorporate function into landscape design. The reed beds become home to a type of good bacteria that break down the pollutants from the incoming stream water, serving as an effective and natural filter.

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