Hot New Project: The Thatch House

Hot New Project: The Thatch House

February 11, 2009
Name: Raymond Jungles
Title: President
Firm name: Raymond Jungles, Inc.
Project location: Bahamas

How did you first connect with this client? He contacted me based on research and recommendations.

What were the client’s primary desires for his/her garden? Quality, quality, quality. Time and money were taken out of the equation. A dream job!

Any interesting obstacles to achieving the dream? Work in the Bahamas is not as easy as on the mainland, but Bob Davids, the client, built an excellent crew.
What are your favorite elements of the garden? The client, the thatched roofs, the incredible beach, the pool and beach relationship.

What does the client say now that the project is done? The project is not completely finished, but I believe he would say that it exceeded his expectations. Bob is chilling in Burgundy, France as we speak.