Paula Hayes Hamptons Lecture: Garden in a Bottle


Paula Hayes Hamptons Lecture: Garden in a Bottle

February 11, 2010

(Post contributed by guest blogger Cara Greenberg.)

Artist Paula Hayes, Brooklyn-based creator of fantastical landscapes large and small (some so small they can be worn as necklaces), is speaking in the Hamptons this weekend on a wonderful winter subject: terrariums.

Sunday, February 14, 1PM; Madoo Conservancy, 618 Sagg Main St., Sagaponack, N.Y.; For information: 631/537-7440; $25

Hayes, best known for her blob-like silicone planters but also an accomplished designer of quirky gardens for art-world clients, builds delicate horticultural universes, often including crystals, in biomorphically shaped, handblown glass vessels.

Having heard Hayes speak before, I don’t suppose this Sunday’s talk will be a homey how-to on making terrariums as a winter hobby – probably more of an artist’s ramble “questioning the idea of living plants as authored artworks,” as the write-up for the event puts it. But I expect to be inspired, and I have an old pickle jar under the sink and a bag of potting soil all ready to go.

To read more about Paula Hayes’s terrariums and see additional pictures, go to

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