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With 400 unique varieties of peonies, this is not your average nursery.
Only open 2 days a year, this garden is worth the wait. 
Philadelphia welcomes garden and art lovers alike.
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The temple gardens of Kyoto, Japan, are famous for their tranquility and their use of moss. Our guide to visiting four of the most spectacular temple gardens.
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Photos from this year's National Cherry Blossom Festival, with a bit of history of the festival in D.C., hanami's origins, and a list of 11 cherry blossom festivals around the country. Plus: Photos of other spring blooms in our nation's capital.
Spectacular greenhouses and an authentic six-acre Victorian walled garden are just some of the sights that you can still visit today as examples of Victorian gardening.
Tina Dixon's landscape is designed with a harmonious blue-hued palette, which shows off art, architecture and plants
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People-friendly landscapes transform Lake Ontario’s shoreline
The greenest corner of Atlanta opened three new gardens on May 1: the Edible Garden, the Canopy Walk and the Cascades Garden. Always ahead of the curve when it comes to design and programming, the Atlanta Botanical Garden keeps visitors returning again and again. For more information visit
The United States has more than 500 public gardens. Visit one on May 7 — National Public Garden Day.
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Discover one of Maryland's nearly two dozen public gardens — and where to stay when you visit
South America's largest city, São Paulo has evolved into a hotbed for some of the most innovative landscape designs in the country — and the world
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A former abandoned water pumping station in Highland Park, Texas 
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