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With 400 unique varieties of peonies, this is not your average nursery.
Only open 2 days a year, this garden is worth the wait. 
Philadelphia welcomes garden and art lovers alike.
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Local native plants steal the show from a world-class collection of sculpture in the new park transforming Seattle’s shoreline.


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Discover Los Angeles' J. Paul Getty Museum and its 20th-century outdoor sculpture collection and gardens installed in 2007.
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Packed with fascinating history and plants, America's first landscaped cemetery is livelier than you'd think.
Some 20 years ago I had the chance of a lifetime to meet Roberto Burle Marx in Louisville, Kentucky. Late in his six-decade career (he died in 1994), he was there to discuss designing a botanic garden that never would come to fruition. I was a student of horticulture and had no real idea who he was or the magnitude of his importance to landscape architecture. He was gracious and solicitous of my studies and interests—and even invited me to visit him in Brazil. Too bad I never took advantage of that invitation.
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The Hersonswood nursery garden has been sold to the Port Gamble S'Klallam Tribe, which had its ancestral land on the garden's property. The tribe will preserve the historic gardens and educate the members and public about native plants.
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Frances Palmer, a member of our advisory board and an avid gardener, takes a short trip to Scotland and shares with us some of her photos and garden discoveries.
A tour of the Paris parks as told in Winter in Paris, where the hand-trimmed trees and clipped hedges that populate the winter parks give the blooms of the summer competition with their quiet beauty and sculptural bare-lines of winter. If a trip to Paris isn’t in your near future, this photo tour is certainly the next best thing.
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The story behind Mexico's ethnobotanical garden in Oaxaca, a landscape of unexpected shapes and colors. 
Pushing the boundaries of gardening, artists along with designers, horticulturists, and architects create conceptual gardens and installations in France, Canada and California while highlighting the ecological balance of their inspiration.
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Tour through conceptual garden installations built by designers, horticulturists, architects and artists in France, Canada, and California where the boundaries of garden design are pushed, and why one designer feels “Mother Nature will always win in the end”.
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