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With 400 unique varieties of peonies, this is not your average nursery.
Only open 2 days a year, this garden is worth the wait. 
Philadelphia welcomes garden and art lovers alike.
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On the grounds of a former estate outside of Philadelphia, a cadre of master gardeners presides over an oasis of earthly delights. We've put together some ideas—paired with photos—from Chanticleer that any home gardener can use to design their own spaces. 
The city of Yonkers, New York, is unearthing a garden from New York’s golden age—the grand Persian gardens of Samuel Untermyer, overlooking the Hudson River. The story of how an architect and a horticulturist are working on clearing 70 years of brush and hoping to make the Untermyer Gardens one of the greatest public gardens in America. 
In Atlanta for the weekend? Want to check out three fantastic garden shops and a small garden center in between sampling the city’s fantastic restaurant scene and beautiful botanical garden? Even in a short weekend trip, Atlanta doesn’t disappoint. From classic and traditional to artistic and crafts-driven to funky and fun, we’ve chosen three of our favorite garden shops and garden center. In between shopping, take a side-trip to Atlanta’s wonderful botanic garden. By car, it’s possible to visit all in a leisurely weekend of garden shopping.


Experience a garden known for its groundbreaking innovation and its reputation as an oasis for urbanites.
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In South Africa's Cape Town, a spectacular botanical garden with rare and indigenous plants blooms against the backdrop of Table Mountain.
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Tour this horticultural institution in northern Delaware to see historic formal gardens and 630-acres of rural meadows and native woodlands.
Visit the Disneyland of garden centers, where indoor and outdoor living come together in an explosion of creativity, in Corona del Mar, CA.
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Visit this National Historic Landmark designed in the 1930s and restored at the turn of the century.
Local native plants steal the show from a world-class collection of sculpture in the new park transforming Seattle’s shoreline.


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Discover Los Angeles' J. Paul Getty Museum and its 20th-century outdoor sculpture collection and gardens installed in 2007.
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