An Art Exhibit for Vegetable Lovers

An Art Exhibit for Vegetable Lovers

October 16, 2013

Mona Lisa (Photo by: Klaus Enrique, courtesy Rebecca Hossack Gallery)

Gardeners aren’t alone in their appreciation of the ephemeral beauty of vegetables. Their unique sculptural forms and vast color palette have also captured the imagination of New York based artist Klaus Enrique. In an upcoming photography exhibit, called The Reaping, to be presented at Rebecca Hossack Gallery NYC, Oct. 16 - Nov. 6, 2013, he features a series of portraits created entirely from vegetables, fruits and other organic materials, which he reconfigures to create beautiful, often fanciful, human forms.

Enrique’s work is inspired by the 16th century paintings of Giuseppe Arcimboldo, an Italian painter best known for creating portraits made entirely of organic objects such as fruits, vegetables and flowers. But instead of painting his imaginative arrangements, Enrique uses the lens to capture them at their peak of ripeness, before they decay, revealing their transitory nature.

Klaus Enrique Vegetable Gardener
The Vegetable Gardener (Photo by: Klaus Enrique, courtesy Rebecca Hossack Gallery)

Enrique’s exhibit features works representing both historic and contemporary culture. His representation of the Roman god Vertumnus combines a colorful array of vegetables and fruits to evoke the changing seasons. For his take on Mona Lisa, the classic patrician nose is formed by a perfectly shaped pepper, and her hair from clusters of grapes. His whimsical Vegetable Gardener displays pouty lips formed by portabella mushrooms, a parsnip for a nose, and cherub-like cheeks made from onions. His series also features reinterpretations of contemporary icons such as Darth Vader, Princess Diana, and Ghandi.

Klaus Enrique Vertumus
Vertumnus (Photo by: Klaus Enrique, courtesy Rebecca Hossack Gallery)

Born in 1975, Klaus Enrique grew up in Mexico City. He studied photography while a student at Parsons School of Design and the School of Visual Arts, and began to receive worldwide attention in 2007 when his portrait, Mother & Daughter, was short listed for the Photographic Portrait Prize at London's National Portrait Gallery.

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