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Plan a trip to some of Europe’s most stunning gardens with garden designer Carolyn Mullet as your guide. In May visit Chelsea Flower Show & English Gardens, A Designer’s Tour of Contemporary English Gardens in August, and Piet Oudolf & Dutch Wave Gardens in September. Are we packed yet?
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12 private gardens will open for a spring garden tour on April 11, 2015 in San Diego. Honoring the past and embracing the future, the San Diego Horticultural Society and the San Diego Floral Association host this rare opportunity to see gardens of historic homes in the community.
Connecting to the secret language of flowers through his camera lens, photographer joSon creates an intimate portrait of flowers and displays their beauty in the simplest forms. On display until April 30, 2015 at the San Francisco Botanical Garden, this photography exhibit shows flowers up close to remind you of the beauty they quietly possess.
For a magical week in February, the Northwest Flower & Garden Show in Seattle, Washington offers everything garden enthusiasts could imagine, including an incredible line-up of speakers. This year we’ve scouted out a few we’re especially excited about.
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Take in 100 years of American landscape architecture and celebrate the enduring nature of gardens all in one day! The Library of American Landscape History’s new exhibit in New York features 10 landscapes photographed by some of the best in historic architectural photography.
Alcatraz Island’s historic but long-neglected gardens are once again lush and colorful. Thanks to volunteers in the Bay Area, the Golden Gate National Parks Conservancy, the Garden Conservancy, and the National Park Service, the gardens at Alcatraz are now flourishing after 40 years of neglect. Take a visual tour of the beautiful gardens now serving time on “The Rock.”
Take in the sights of holiday cheer as you stroll through The Denver Botanical Garden this year! Continuing with their holiday tradition for over 25 years, the botanical garden if full of wonder and delight including a new tunnel of lights to be viewed with special 3-D glasses.
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Underwater gardening may be the perfect solution for gardeners who don’t have the ideal space or the perfect weather for traditional gardening. Now through April 12, 2015, the new exhibit, Aquascapes: The Art of Underwater Gardening, can be viewed at Golden Gate Park's Conservatory of Flowers in San Francisco.
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The third section of the High Line in New York offers gardeners an experience to learn from and appreciate. From wild and cultivated plantings to the use of narrow space, the section is sure to inspire one to look at a design problem from all sides and then create either a distinction or celebration in the space available, as the High Line shows.
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Imaginations come alive, along with pumpkins, at The Rise of the Jack O’Lanterns in Los Angeles and Long Island this fall. View more than 5,000 pumpkins carved by artists and sculptures light up the night sky now through November 2nd.
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