This article appeared in the June 2012 issue as "An Artist's Touch."

Stan Bitters is a 21st-century caveman. In a windowless steel building on an industrial strip of Fresno, California, the 76-year-old sculptor shapes earth, water, and fire into primal ceramic forms. It is a ritual based more on instinct than intellectual precept. “It’s not about thinking about the clay,” he says. “It’s really getting in there and manipulating it—mashing it and beating it—until it produces some feeling of wonderfulness, something earthy and textural.” 

This article was first published in Garden Design June 2012

Crazy Plant Trend of the Day: Lifes of Grass

April 17, 2012
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Mathilde Roussel is a French artist, who according to her website, "strives to question time considering both human and vegetal time." Her work explores the human body and how it occupies both time and space in the world.