Art & Botany: David Sims Roses

January 09, 2013
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British fashion photographer David Sims focuses his lens on the beauty in imperfections. Some of his most iconic work—a portfolio that is said to have set the tone of late 1990s fashion photography—captures the incongruous chink in a flawless image. Models with knotted hair, a wrinkled shirt, asymmetrical blush or a cowlick—through Sims's perfect lens, with Sims's perfect light, it all looks, yes, perfect. You wouldn't imagine it any other way. 

Art & Botany: Translucent Roses & Underwater Butterflies

November 27, 2012
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Photographer Alexander James, who has worked with floral subjects for over 15 years, will go to any lengths necessary to get the shot, including submerging bouquets and fruit in a dark tank, rigging an underwater light, and even breeding butterflies in his studio. 

David Austin's Garden Roses

August 16, 2012
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If you want to see all eight varieties of the cut flowers, take a look at our David Austin's Garden Roses Slideshow.

Two New David Austin Roses for 2013

August 15, 2012
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Although they won’t debut until September, we got an exclusive preview of two 2013 blooms from British hybridizer David Austin Roses. ‘England’s Rose’ (left) and ‘Queen Anne’ took their time to achieve perfection; David Austin began the hybridization process a decade ago.

Links We Love, 8/1/12

August 01, 2012
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Human hair in art, hidden urban gardens in Europe, the surprising benefits of plants in homes and more in today’s Links We Love!

Art + Botany: Frances Perlzman Liscio's Photography

December 08, 2011
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A botanic illustrator and erstwhile music photographer, Frances Perlzman Liscio designs and photographs floral compositions that are a little Victorian, and a little rock star. Interested in nature's ever-changing forms, Liscio collects her specimens and often waits for them to dry, curl, and wither. These are then arranged next to young flowers and ripe fruits, all on a deep black background. Her work becomes a lovely journey in botanic identification; with so many different species, the arrangements offer a familiar flower for everyone.

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