Rooftop garden

Rooftop garden

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Artist Lawrence Weiner's house in New York's West Village has windows and a penthouse (which overlooks a rooftop garden) built with truck containers. The penthouse is part of a beautiful renovation by architects LOT-EK.
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A look at the life-cycle of a rooftop vegetable farm for a Canadian restaurant—complete with hydroponic planters, a hoop house—including the harvest of beautiful vegetables. Learn more about vegetable garden design
Designed by PLANT Architect Inc., a green-roof garden in the heart of Toronto supports the sustainability of a beloved museum while creating a picture-perfect view from the ROM’s fine-dining destination, c5 Restaurant Lounge
Raymond Jungles designed this outdoor kitchen in a Coconut Grove, Florida, rooftop garden so that the owner could entertain guests and stay connected to her indoor kitchen below. Click here to read the full story.
This outdoor kitchen designed by Raymond Jungles in a Coconut Grove, Florida, rooftop garden was made for entertaining
Raymond Jungles designed this sky-hugging garden to feel earthy and intimate
Rooftop garden designed by Sawyer/Benson Architecture & Landscape Architecture 
Allison Fonte's garden makes her feel like she's in a Balinese village, not the middle of New York City
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