Plan your garden

Plan your garden

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Tips on remodeling your backyard from scratch
How to grow rhododendrons in your garden. And remember, a rhododendron needs three things above all else: drainage, drainage, and drainage.
Our photo glossary of 14 types of lettuce (and other spring greens), including romaine, mache, and bibb.
Long overlooked, gravel is finally being recognized for its enduring beauty.
Award-winning international garden designer Arne Maynard shares six tips for getting a kitchen garden started.
While your garden lay asleep for the winter, take a step back and spend some time on planning you garden. Landscape designers in Los Angeles, Connecticut, and Chicago share helpful insights on what you can do now to enjoy your garden this summer.
A bountiful, four-season Oehme, van Sweden garden on Long Island breathes new life into an 18th-century farmstead
Learn more about the plants used in Mary Steenburgen and Ted Danson's Ojai garden
In Belgium, proof that a restrained palette of just eight plants can have exuberant results
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