Plan your garden

Plan your garden

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Ten design tips for creating the backyard shed of your dreams
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Expert advice on planning and designing an outdoor cooking space. 


Given enough patience and back strength, anyone can install a basic garden path, says landscape designer Michael Donnellan of Summerhill Landscapes in Sag Harbor, N.Y. Learn more about walkway design on
Tips on remodeling your backyard from scratch
A house and garden grow together, with some strategic planning by their owner
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The artful pruning known as topiary has captured imaginations for centuries
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Dutch garden designer Jacqueline van der Kloet knows—and shows—how to mix it up
How to grow rhododendrons in your garden. And remember, a rhododendron needs three things above all else: drainage, drainage, and drainage.
Our photo glossary of 14 types of lettuce (and other spring greens), including romaine, mache, and bibb.
Long overlooked, gravel is finally being recognized for its enduring beauty.
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